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Kit Kat Chunky Cookie Dough

DSCF3319 (2)

I literally gasped when I saw these on the shelf in Asda. The last few flavoured Kit Kats have been BORING – vanilla and extra chocolate? Yawn. The ones beforehand were better – mocha, toffee, caramel – but none have been as exciting as this Cookie Dough!

I don’t think I’ve ever not enjoyed a Kit Kat flavour, of course some are better than others but Nestle have set the bar pretty high for new flavours.

The bar was in two chunky blocks and quite honestly smelt and looked like a standard Kit Kat. It was a bit anti climatic actually, I don’t know what I expected, maybe something like the Milky Bar cookies and cream but all the cookie good stuff is hidden away inside.

DSCF3329 (2)

Don’t do like me either and take a bite expecting the cookie dough to blow your head off. There’s still a fair bit of chocolate and wafer, in fact only 19% of the bar is even cookie dough, but at first it’s pure Kit Kat. Standard Nestle chocolate, normal crisp wafer, it’s not until a little way into it that the cookie dough starts to shine.

It has a fairly strong, generic cookie dough flavour, it’s quite creamy, super super sweet and clearly cookie tasting. The flavour lasts a good while actually and I could taste it long after I’d finished.

I do have one complaint though. The texture of cookie dough is completely lost against the wafers. There’s no doughy grittiness, it felt thicker than a cream but even the crunchy pieces didn’t stand out that much against the wafers and it felt a bit like eating an actual cookie rather than cookie dough – if that makes sense!

Rating: 7 or 8/10

I really can’t decide between a 7 or an 8. It’s not bad at all, far from it but I think the idea of a cookie dough flavoured Kit Kat is better than the reality as maybe the Kit Kat Chunky wafers aren’t the greatest vessel for delivering the bitty gritty raw feel of cookie dough into my mouth. They’re just too wafer-y.

I did like the way they taste though!


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