Morrisons Hazelnut Ice Cream

DSCF3276 (2)

Last week I reviewed Morrisons The Best Caffe Latte ice cream. I thought beforehand they were being a little presumptuous calling it “The Best” but as it was it was actually pretty good! I mentioned at the time there were a few more flavours in The Best range and todays is Hazelnut.

The ingredients list is impressive, no nasty chemicals, no scary sounding flavourings or emulsifiers just Cornish whole milk, Cornish double cream (24%), sugar, pasteurised free range egg yolk, hazelnut paste (7%) skimmed milk and vanilla extract. That’s it and it’s easily half the length of a lot of other ice creams you can buy in the supermarket.

DSCF3279 (2)

The ice cream is smooth, ‘chunk’ free and again had a very thick, creamy quality feel. It had a complete middle of the road melt, seeming suspiciously soft straight from the freezer but it never quite reached the liquid stage.


Although vanilla is included (lastly) in the ingredients and look closely enough and you’ll spy some vanilla flecks and a swirl of two slightly different coloured ice creams, I didn’t really notice any vanilla flavour. This probably isn’t due to a lack of vanilla as such but more likely because of the hazelnut..

It’s extremely nutty tasting, gorgeously strong and a good all round hazelnut. At times the strength of the flavour let it down slightly as my one “complaint” would be that it could become a little boring, it would have been better to have a bit of contrast with another equally strong flavour but this is nit picking and it was pretty delicious as it was!


Rating: 7/10 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen I actually had Joe Delucci’s Hazelnut & Chocolate last week too (review here) and so I had the taste of something very similar that I’d rated 9/10 very fresh in my memory. Coming so soon after that, Morrisons The Best couldn’t really compete sadly.

The moussier texture of the Joe’s is just slightly preferable to the denser cream and although the two hazelnut flavours have barely any difference between them, the mix of chocolate and hazelnut as opposed to just hazelnut wins for me.


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