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Mr Simms Death By Chocolate Fudge

DSCF3017 (2)

Yep, we all get it. I love fudge. I’m an addict and I’m certainly no fudgist – vanilla/chocolate/crumbly/buttery/firm – you make it, I’ll eat it. And Death By Chocolate Fudge? Well that sounds a damn good way to go to me!

Death By Chocolate Fudge is handmade for (by?) Mr Simms, the “Olde Sweet Shoppe” and is a fudge containing both milk and white chocolates.

DSCF3025 (2)

Death By Chocolate Fudge is quite a solid, firm fudge and despite appearances, wasn’t crumbly at all. It wasn’t quite the plasticised fudge of Lonka but was lacking the crumbly, chunky texture that I’ve come to associate with more of a handmade fudge.

My bag contained 9 quite large cubes with a strangely vanilla buttery scent, the lack of chocolate was very noticeable and even more so from such a named fudge!

I wish I could say it tasted more chocolatey, but it didn’t really..  As expected, it was super sweet and at times I could taste a chocolate cocoa but the overwhelming flavour was that of sweetened condensed milk. The second strongest flavour was sugar and only then did I notice the chocolate. It isn’t chocolate chocolate as such, with more of a cocoa flavour if that makes sense..

It’s certainly very strange considering a fairly decent quality chocolate is used, the ingredients list is what you’d expect from fudge but with added cocoa mass, then white chocolate and then milk chocolate.  The milk chocolate contains 28% cocoa solids, 24% milk and the white contains 23% cocoa, 27% milk. For those percentages I’d expect a much better chocolate flavour but as it was the base fudge tasted more like the flavour of a cocoa biscuit than a chocolate bar, and honestly I couldn’t really taste the difference between the white and milk chocolates.


More like death by disappointment. The chocolate fudge Lonka make for Candy King Pick’n’mix has much more of a chocolate flavour. I’m not sure if this is aiming for a more grown up chocolate but it fails. What sounds like it should be a good quality chocolate is overwhelmed by the condensed milk and it tastes like a very subtle cocoa flavoured fudge, Mr.1T loves it though and I’m really not surprised – it does taste good it’s just definitely not death by chocolate.



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