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Mike & Ike Jurassic World Tropical Fruits

DSCF2938 (2)

It shows how long it takes foreign products to filter into the UK, the film was literally released a year ago in the US so you can bet the jelly beans were out for a while before that too!

Still, it wasn’t the Jurassic World tie in that caught my eye, that would be the promise of a “MYSTERY FLAVOUR”. I’m a total sucker for a gimmick!

DSCF2945 (2)

I loved the look of the mystery flavour, I’m assuming it’s supposed to be a dinosaur egg rather than a big grey rock but whatever, it stood out against the bright colours of the usual Mike & Ikes.

MYSTERY FLAVOUR aside, the rest of the flavours sounded good too: Kiwi-Banana, Carribean Punch, Strawberry-Banana, Paradise Punch and Mango.

DSCF2948 (2)

I didn’t realise at the time that these are Tropical Typhoon. Naughty Mike & Ike! I’m glad I have to pay imported prices anyway, I would not have been happy had I paid more for the addition of one extra flavour.

The original tropical flavours are great, up to Mike & Ikes usual standards.

Caribbean Punch and Paradise Punch both deliciously tropical and tasting like cocktails in small, chewy tubular form.

Strawberry-Banana and Kiwi-Banana both tasted identical to as they did previously. Kiwi-Banana is the better of the two, and Strawberry dull in comparison to the rest of the pack.

Mango was once again possibly the best flavour of all, super strong but still natural and a complete testament to the skill of Mike & Ike as usually I hate mango!

The mystery flavour was pretty much a waste of my money and your time reading this! I couldn’t pinpoint what it was, the ingredients list is no help whatsoever as the fruits listed are: Pear, Orange, Lemon, Strawberry, Cherry and Lime. Of which only strawberry is used previously and it definitely isn’t a mix of all of those! It’s a flavour I’ve eaten before but one that I don’t eat often enough to recognise. I want to say grape which would make sense given the USA’s love of the stuff, but it didn’t matter as it wasn’t very nice anyway.


The MYSTERY FLAVOUR was a dud and even though I liked the rest I feel like you conned me Mike & Ike. Shame on you.



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