8/10 · Ice cream

Morrisons Caffe Latte Ice Cream

DSCF3241 (2)

I mentioned when I reviewed Morrisons Raspberry Sorbet that I like to make little detours down the ice cream aisles in hopes of finding new flavours and this week it paid off again. I had a sneaky suspicion there’d be something new as a while ago Morrisons reduced to clear their own brand ice creams and the shelves have been patiently sitting empty ever since. The wait has paid off with “Morrisons The Best” ice creams, I’m presuming Morrisons own take on the finest/extra special/taste the difference top range own line. Our Morrisons had four flavours, as it stands they aren’t even online yet so I’m not sure if it’s four total new, I chose Caffe Latte of course –

Caffe Latte ice cream made with Cornish double cream and swirled with Colombian Coffee Sauce 

– I didn’t have to think twice to be honest!

DSCF3244 (2)

The ice cream is a gorgeous colour and has the most delicious strong coffee scent. The emphasis isn’t entirely on the flavour though and the quality hasn’t suffered in the slightest. It’s super soft and ridiculously creamy, quite possibly the creamiest tasting ice cream I’ve had in a long time and strangely has a whipped almost mousse like texture but still has a beautifully thick mouth feel.

I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the ice cream, had this been served to me in a bowl I’d never have believed it came from a supermarket. Honestly! It tasted like one of the “luxury” superior quality brands.


If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know I have quite high standards when it comes to coffee flavour. I actually reviewed Jude’s Flat White ice cream pretty recently and it was fresh in my memory. Pretend there was no Colombian Coffee Sauce and this was extremely similar. Right down to the milkier coffee flavour but I think Jude’s have the edge in terms of strength – just by a whisker though.

However, add in the coffee sauce which was originally delicately swirled about but soon turned into blobs, and Morrisons win. It’s strong and rich and the only fault I can find with it is that one blob of sauce had slight freezer burn. I would like more of the sauce but I’ll come back to that in a minute.


The ice cream has a real grown up feel to it and although I should have guessed from how much I enjoyed the sorbet, it far exceeded my expectations.

But. Is it better than the recently reviewed Jude’s? I don’t know. I’m not sure one or two scoops would satisfy my coffee cravings but then I’m not sure if Jude’s would either. Obviously they have to appeal to the masses and my preferred intensity would be far too much I suspect. The quality of the ice cream is up to par no doubt, and the flavour intensifies the more you eat (any reason to eat the lot is fine by me!). But then you have the issue of not enough sauce and freezer burn, the two things which give away the fact that this isn’t a £6 top end pint and it is made by a supermarket, and one of the cheaper ones at that. I think the fact it’s easier to buy than Jude’s Flat White and it is cheaper (although I can’t find exactly how much I paid anywhere) negates most of the “issues” I had with the ice cream.

Rating: 8/10 


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