Candy Makers Sugar Free Toffee Popcorn Sweets (Sweets Without)

DSCF3221 (2)

Peter from Sweets Without also sent over Candy Makers Sugar Free Toffee Popcorn sweets for me to try. Of the two bags these were the ones I was most looking forward to, I’ve had toffee flavoured boiled sweets before but never toffee popcorn!

The sweets are handmade in the U.K using natural flavours and colours, the ingredients list is fairly short actually and the sweeteners used are  Isomalt, Maltitol and Sucralose. The entire bag weighs 70g and per 100g these only have trace amounts of sugars, so I’m assuming they’re suitable for diabetics – not that you should eat an entire bag, laxative effects and all that jazz!

For my 70g I had 10 individually wrapped sweets striped with caramel and custard yellow, they weren’t giving much away beforehand but I always find that’s the case with boiled sweets.

DSCF3224 (2)

I fully expected a hard boiled sweet but they were actually pretty soft. They’d be fine to sit and suck but they had a very easy chew too and were slightly crunchy and very sticky, fillings beware but I loved the ambiguous texture.

The very top “layer” if you will, of the sweet didn’t have much going on with the flavour concentrated and strong in the centres. And what a flavour it is, beautifully buttery thanks to the addition of real butter, with a predominant toffee flavour and just the right amount of sweetness.

The most disappointing thing about the sweets was the lack of a strong popcorn flavour. A few of the sweets did have a buttery popcorn taste but paired with a buttery toffee it was quite hard to distinguish and separate the two. I’d hoped there’d be some correlation between colour and flavour but the sweets with more yellow seemed to have less popcorn flavour somehow. Never mind, I’m just glad they didn’t taste like Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn jelly beans!!

Rating: 8/10 

Despite not much popcorn these were bloody lovely!! They have a delicious toffee flavour and none of the artificial nastiness that some sweeteners carry thanks to the butter. I didn’t really miss the popcorn but they’d be a 9 if they were sold just as butter toffee flavour sweets. Delish!

Thanks again to Peter at Sweets Without, all the sugar free goodies I’ve tried and reviewed are available online at sweetswithout.co.uk and I can’t recommend using them enough. Great customer service, great knowledge of the products and a huge variety of sugar free sweets and chocolates! Thanks Peter!


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