7/10 · Sweets

Fruit Pastilles Infusions

DSCF3225 (2)

Todays review isn’t new new, they’ve been out for a little while now, but whenever I’ve seen them in supermarkets they’ve only been in the big sharing sized bags and pomegranate and elderflower don’t appeal to me enough to warrant munching through 140g worth. I found them in individual sized bags though so I thought I’d finally give them a go.

They aren’t actually elderflower and pomegranate flavoured, I still wouldn’t have bothered if they were, but rather Orange & Grapefruit, Raspberry & Pomegranate and Apple & Elderflower. So they’re a combination of two flavours, a fusion if you will. Surely Fruit Pastilles Fusions sounds better than infusions but hey, whatever makes it sound grown up and fancy!

DSCF3231 (2)

The sweets seemed to have a less vibrant colour with more of a pastel muted shade, maybe I’m imagining it but they did look like “grown up” fruit pastilles!

The flavours were nice. Orange & Grapefruit tasted like a tropical cocktail with a stronger grapefruit but with random bursts of orange. Raspberry & Pomegranate tasted like what a standard raspberry fruit pastille would, not dissimilar from the red ones in the Berries & Cream fruit pastilles, which were my fave, just minus the cream, and erm.. much pomegranate.. Apple & Elderflower was surprisingly my favourite of the three. It tasted again like a grown up fancy version of apple fruit pastilles and the elderflower is a good combination with the apple.

In theory it should all be good then right? Despite using six complimentary flavours none of them go together. I don’t mean in the sense that they taste bad but each sweet literally has two separate flavours. There’s no mix of the two, no fruity blend, it’s one or the other and it’s a real shame. They don’t taste bad at all but I’m understanding why Rowntrees didn’t go with the name Fusion – if there are supposed to be random “infusions” of the other flavour every now and then, then I don’t understand why? A mix would be better, surely.

I’d still eat them again though!

Rating: 7/10 


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