8/10 · Limited edition · Ready meal

Glorious! Limited Edition Spanish Chicken Paella Soup

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Maybe it’s just me, but soup isn’t something I associate with summer. Thankfully I don’t work for a soup company because we would not be getting all these exotic limited editions. Just because I don’t automatically think of soup when the temperatures soar doesn’t mean I’m not happy to eat it, sometimes it’s perfect for after a hot day when you need something a little lighter.

And none of that matters anyway, because if there’s one thing I think of when I catch a whiff of delicious Paella it’s definitely summer: long, hot days spent on a Spanish beach with a siesta to sample the local delicacies – Paella washed down with a big jug of Sangria, naturally!

A smoky chicken Paella soup with red and yellow peppers, tomato, rice and chorizo. 


Let’s clear something up for the purists before I get into the review. I understand it isn’t authentic traditional Paella. If you’re going to be super traditional that should be chicken and rabbit. Or one of the many other varieties, most commonly found on holiday to be a seafood Paella but in my opinion chiken and chorizo is fine. After all Chicken Tikka Masala isn’t a traditional Indian Curry but it doesn’t stop it being pretty damn tasty!

Chances are you’ve eaten or seen Paella in some form or another and the soup looked exactly like you’d imagine: watery Paella! It smelt a lot like Paella too and I struggled with waiting for this to warm up..

I’ve had Glorious! Soup before and this is a little different in that it’s a Meal Soup rather than a Skinnylicious. Basically there’s no health claims as there is with the other soups, no “? of your 5 a day”, “low calorie” crap, it’s just meant to taste good. And it does.


The ingredients are top quality, fresh tasting meats and vegetables that were huge. Peppers are my favourite “vegetable” anyway (although I’ve just found out they’re actually a fruit, figures!!) but they were really fresh and vibrant tasting and it was hard to imagine that they’d just came out of a soup that had nearly a month before the best before date when I bought it.

The chicken was good too – almost too good to be “wasted” in a soup! The chorizo was stronger tasting as expected and had that amazingly addictive smoky chorizo flavour but both complimented each other as perfectly as ever.

The peas were a nice touch and a nod to the authentic and underlying all those sweet, spicy, vibrant flavours was the paella rice. Despite pre-cooking and then another 5 minutes on my electric hob (never ever again) it amazingly wasn’t mush! Sticky but still with perfect texture it rounded the soup off wonderfully and really put the finishing touches on the paella.

Rating: 8/10

Let’s pretend Paella is always chicken and chorizo. Please, no comments.. 

It’s filling and tasty with a fresh flavour, that, if I shut my eyes I could have been on my holidays! All I needed was an extra large jug of Sangria!


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