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De Bron Sugar Free Cherry Gums (Sweets Without)

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Cherry sweets are my favourite, sour or sweet – I’m not fussy – but both are one of the first I put in my Pick’n’Mix, sometimes after the Giant Strawbs but it depends on my mood! They’re actually one of the few sweets I’m not brand loyal on – my absoloute faves are the ones in Candy King pick’n’mix, 2nd are the bags Haribo sell individually and 3rd are the catering sized boxes I buy from Makro. Why the huge boxes are different I don’t know but they definitely are!

Anyway enough waffling, Peter from Sweets Without very kindly sent me some sugar free Cherrys from De Bron to try, not only are they sugar free but they’re gluten free, dairy free and contain 30% less calories than similar products.

DSCF3216 (3)

The sweets are pretty much the same size their sugary counterparts and the bag weighs in at 90g.

They had a sweet and slightly sour (though that may be me reaching with sour cherries on the brain) scent and were very sticky, almost to the point of feeling wet.

They’re just as deliciously sticky to chew and have a slightly softer feel than I’m used to but not massively so and I think I only noticed as I was reviewing them.

None of that matters though if the flavour sucks and thankfully it doesn’t! Again, this is all with my “reviewing tongue” in but the flavour is very slightly milder than the Haribo equivalent – and we all know how strong they are! They’re delicious though, very addictive and exactly what you’d expect them to taste like. Had I not known, I don’t think I’d have tasted any difference whatsoever and they’d easily pass as a standard sugary sweet in my opinion.

Very nice!

Rating: 7/10

Thanks Peter – now go and buy your own at www.sweetwithout.co.uk


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