5/10 · Snack Bar

Ella’s Kitchen Fruity Bar


I have been eyeing up these Ella’s Kitchen Brilliant Banana + Raisin Fruity Bars for as long as they’ve been being sold. I don’t have or know any children or toddlers though and so I’d never bought them. Until the genius that is my husband pointed out “how does anybody know they’re for you?” how indeed –  into the basket they went!

DSCF3159 (2)

It was money well spent (usually they are a touch expensive but I got on offer at £1.50 I think) in his eyes as inside the box is a superhero mask, he might be 28 but you can bet he spent the next hour playing FIFA wearing that stupid superhero mask! If you are buying these for your kids, or even yourself, they are healthier than an average snack bar as they’re

100% Organic, no added refined sugar or salt, no concentrates, no additives or colourings and only contain naturally occurring sugars. 

Everything on the ingredients list are things I have (or can easily have) in my kitchen cupboards with the exception of palm oil but this too is organic and Ella’s Kitchen have made a point to state it comes from sustainable sources.

DSCF3161 (2)

They aren’t joking when they say these are for “little superheros” and they’re in the right place with the toddler and baby food. They’re tiny! Half the size of a Nakd bar, which let’s be honest aren’t the bulkiest of snacks anyway. But I won’t let that be a negative, I’m about 24 years too old to be in Ella’s Kitchen target market.

DSCF3162 (2)

The top of the bar looks very similar to a Nakd bar but under the polished surface there’s quite a large difference, even to the Nakd Crunch bars and the underneath actually looked a bit like Christmas Pudding!!

DSCF3163 (2)

Size aside I wasn’t particularly impressed with these bars. The texture was interesting, quite a good interesting mind you with a mish mash of gritty, chewy and crunchy pieces but the flavour let the positive mouth feel down.

I didn’t notice any raisins to taste as there was a strong natural banana flavour.This should be a good thing but it seems the bananas used to make my bars were pretty past their best.. At times the bars have such a strong overripe banana flavour that even I couldn’t enjoy it, and I love pretty much anything banana!

Rating: 5/10

I’ve learnt my lesson with buying toddler sized food for sure but at least it gave me a chance to check it wasn’t a one off.

If my old tastebuds find the banana overpowering and overripe I can only imagine how a toddlers fresh tastebuds would!


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