New Covent Garden Soup Of The Month – July

DSCF3198 (2)

OK so it really is the Soup Of The Month for July today, Summer Butternut & Bean. I was especially looking forward to trying the

sweet and nutty butternut squash, hearty mixed beans, juicy tomatoes, creamy coconut milk, cumin and paprika”

mix in the soup. Mainly because the gone, but not forgotten, Glorious! Texan Four Bean Chilli and the New Covent Garden Carrot & Butternut are two of my favourite ready made soups and this sounded like a weird mix of the pair.

It would have been impossible to not notice the beans – a mixture of black turtle beans, cannellini beans and black eyed beans – as they were huge and really popped out against the fairly sized themselves peppers.

The soup had quite a strong butternut scent and as ever with NCG the textures were perfect for the assorted veggies and beans.


Let’s just get it out there. The soup is weird, good weird though! It’s fairly spicy and is generous in both the heat and seasoning departments. Maybe I’m drawing too many comparisons to the Texan Four Bean Chilli but it was really reminiscent of a Chili but was strangely (for a Chili, not for a soup) creamy.

The coconut milk used made for a very odd Chili/Thai Curry hybrid with a strangely Butternut soup base to it… I’ve seen butternut used in Chili before, I can’t say I’ve tried it myself but I’d certainly be willing to in future after trying this! The butternut has quite a strong flavour but it really goes well with the spices, chunky beans and the creaminess of the soup itself.

As well as all of the above, all the veggies have wonderful vibrant flavours, they aren’t overpowered by the strong herbs and spices used but make for a delicious backdrop.

Rating: 8/10 

Very summery and by far my favourite of the recent Soup of the Months. Filling, tasty and healthy!


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