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Snickers Almond Bar

DSCF3068 (2)

I never ever buy Snickers bars, they’re too peanutty for my tastes. The last bar I bought (and reviewed here) was the Snickers & Hazelnuts, I haven’t bothered buying another as even the hazelnut version had too many peanuts for my liking and if you take a read of that review you’ll see I actually asked Mars for an almond version.

Don’t worry, I haven’t become massively influential in the chocolate world overnight, it turns out Mars have made almond Snickers all along – I’d just have to have gone to America to find it. Try as I might I haven’t quite convinced my husband to take holidays purely for snack buying just yet but Mr.Simms sweet shop came to the rescue.

DSCF3075 (2)

Weighing in at an exact 49.9g the Snickers Almond Bar is milk chocolate, almonds, caramel and nougat. Of course it contains the standard not-so-nice-why-am-I-reading-these-wtf-is-in-this ingredients but the thing that stood out to me most was the complete lack of peanuts, save for a may contain other tree nuts and peanuts warning that comes as standard on most chocolate bars. At last a completely peanut free Snickers!

Snickers aren’t really a smooth chocolate but they’re usually in a boring rectangle with the chocolate sort of rippled on top, at least I’ve never noticed any bulging nuts previously and definitely not to the extent of the left hand side of the bar!

I had an absolute nightmare trying to cut a cross section as the almonds are bloody huge!

DSCF3082 (2)

There were less almonds on the right hand side, allowing me to have a taste of the pure unadulterated naked Snickers and without the strong peanut its a bit of a dud. I’d expect the nougat to have a sweet vanilla-esque flavour but it was plain and dull and the chocolate and caramel met and exceeded what I expected in sugary sweet sickliness.

Still, Snickers isn’t usually a plain bar – it’s all about the nuts! They’re lovely and crunchy with a lovely almond flavour but sadly it doesn’t work as well as I’d liked. It’s very tasty, don’t get me wrong but the almonds aren’t as strong tasting as peanuts are and they were very easily overwhelmed by the stronger caramel and chocolate. This only happened on the right hand side mind you, where there were a lot less almonds – the side pictured above didn’t have the same problem at all. Super crunchy delicious almonds, paired with soft squidgy nougat, rich sticky sweet caramel and smooth chocolate. Personally I preferred it to a normal Snickers!


The lack of strong flavoured peanuts really highlight how sweet the rest of the bar is; when the almonds were in abundance this was nearly perfect but for the rest it was throat burningly sweet.



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