MAOAM Sour Stripes

It’s been a relatively new discovery for me that MAOAM are owned by the same people who own Haribo and I was a bit surprised when I found out, considering the untold amounts of “Limited/Frenzy/Whatever-sport-is-on-right-now themed” Haribo products we get, new MAOAM are rare. Although it’s more of a chore opening all the individual wrappers now they’ve got rid of the rude looking ones!

DSCF3184 (2).JPG

Inside MAOAM Sour Stripes are four different sour flavours. As ever we’ll go from worst to best.

Which, sadly, was Sour Apple. Not that Mr.1T knows that, of the entire bag there was ONE sour apple flavoured chew which I claimed in the interest of reviewing. I wish I hadn’t bothered. It wasn’t that it was bad, just not as good as the others and it was very mild.

Third best (or second worst if you’re a pessimist) was Sour Peach. It’s not a flavour I expected at all considering the wrappers were orange and the equivalent sweet in the standard MAOAM stripes is orange flavoured, but hey-ho! To begin with it had just a strong peach flavour and wasn’t quite as sour as I’d hoped but soon a very strong, sharp and definite sour aftertaste kicked in that was face-scrunchingly good.

Sour Cherry was what I expected to enjoy the most and probably would have in any other bag. It had quite a sweet cherry flavour with a wonderfully sour kick then straight back to sweet. A good flavour.

Last but far from least was Sour Strawberry & Rhubarb, munching one expecting a stronger strawberry was a big mistake! I can’t say rhubarb is a flavour I seek but it’s near enough perfect paired with the strawberry here. Super strong, super sour and bloody delicious! We both agreed the outright best flavour – no doubt about it – and that’s rare for us!!

Rating: 8/10 

A good mix of flavours that deliver on the sour.



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