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New Covent Garden Soup Co Soup Of The Month – June??

DSCF3156 (2)

New Covent Garden Soup Co’s Soup of the Month for June (??*) is Summer Minestrone…

…summery twist on traditional minestrone soup. Vibrant green vegetables; courgette, leek, peas, broccoli and green beans have been perfectly married with cannellini beans, ditaline pasta, parsley and Pecorino to create this satisfying summer soup. 

June is a bit of a difficult month to allot a soup to I’d imagine, it’s supposed to be hot and the start of summer so you don’t want anything too stodgy or warming and the go-to summer soup, Gazpacho, is one I’m sure I remember NCG doing previously.

Summer Minestrone it is!

Touch wood, I’ve never had an issue with the textures in a NCG soup. I tend to over or under cook things in the microwave so stick to heating on the hob and no matter how many times I forget I’ve got a soup on the go and practically boil the poor thing, consistency has always been great. Perfect pasta and veg – slightly “al dente” if we’re being fancy and certainly no mush.

There was lots of pasta to be found too, I’d expected a glut of green veg, after all none of the vegetables used are particularly exotic or expensive but New Covent Garden aren’t like that and don’t fill their soups with bulky filler.

20160705_182738 (2)

As for the flavour, it didn’t wow me but it wasn’t bad at all. It’s lovely and creamy tasting but it does have quite a generic “green veg” flavour. The carrots and green beans stood out with both having surprisingly strong flavours but it was a bit boring to be truthful.

One huge improvement on the last couple of Soup of the Month’s though was the pepper content. It is there in the ingredients (in the least amount mind you) and I didn’t notice any lack of seasoning but I didn’t taste the strong black pepper itself at all.

I also didn’t taste the Percorino cheese which is a huge shame, I loooved it in the Risotto and it gives it that extra kind of Umami kick that the soup was lacking a little.

Rating: 7/10

It might seem like I’m not a fan but I did enjoy the soup. I wouldn’t say it’s good enough to be classed as a Soup Of The Month but it’s one I’d eat again quite happily. Best of all though, NCG have really got the summer side of this soup down. I’m usually stuffed and very bloated after one of their soups, this was just as filling but had a much lighter feel and although very satisfied I wasn’t uncomfortably full on a hot summer evening.

 **Note Initially I thought this was the soup of the month for July as I bought it in July and could still buy the Salmon which was out in May. However I’ve since found, eaten and soon to be posting another Soup of the Month which I’m assuming is actually July? All I know is it doesn’t really matter as supermarket stock control is so awful we’ll probably still be able to buy them all in October!


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