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Milky Way Midnight Dark

DSCF2894 (2)

We’ve been through this before regarding the American Milky Way, but if you missed it, it isn’t a Milky Way as we know it at all. It’s actually a Mars Bar. A bit confusing but I can’t say I eat American chocolate enough for it to be a problem.

Today’s review should be in complete contrast to the sweet Milky Bar Simply Caramel previously reviewed; Milky Way Midnight Dark.

Rich Dark Chocolate. Golden Caramel. Vanilla Nougat. DSCF2898 (2)

It looks like any other Mars Bar, besides the fact the chocolate coating is super dark – almost black – although it weighs a couple of grams less than the UK Mars Bar.

It didn’t smell particularly dark, in fact all I could really smell was the usual sweet caramel and vanilla nougat filling and speaking of which, don’t expect anything different. The centre  may have been slightly sweeter than our standard UK Mars but that was only me really searching for something, it tastes just the same to be honest.

DSCF2908 (3)

In fact, the chocolate tasted like British chocolate! If you’ve read my reviews before you might know I’m not a fan of chocolate from the USA, it’s usually sickeningly sweet regardless of if it’s a dark, milk, white, semisweet – anything chocolate. The description says dark but the ingredients state semi-sweet and while it was still sweet (and far from what I’d call dark chocolate) the emphasis was much more on the chocolate flavour than I expected.

This tasted so much like a normal Mars Bar in the UK I had a look on google.

UK Mars Bar: 

Size: 51g kCal: 230 Fat: 8.6g Sat Fat: 4.2g Sugar: 30.5g

Milky Way Midnight Dark:

Size: 49.9g kCal: 230 Fat: 8g Sat Fat: 5g Sugar: 30g

Take away the fact America like to round up or down rather than use exact figures and they’re identical. Make of that what you will!


Tastes far too much like a normal Mars Bar to justify spending £1.99 on one when I could’ve had four for the same price!


I like Mars Bars though!


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