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Mars Mixes

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You may have noticed three bags of “snack pack” sized mixes doing the rounds lately, all three are made by Mars and contain a mixture of chocolate, dried fruits and nuts. As I mentioned, there are three and the third available contains Bounty – no thank you!

DSCF3114 (2)

The first of the other two bags is the M&M’s flavour and contains

a mix of cherry flavoured dried cranberries, flame raisins, milk chocolate in a sugar shell, roasted and salted peanuts. 

The packs are on the small side – 25g – but they all contain less than 100 calories if that’s your kinda thing!

DSCF3118 (2)

I love a good trail mix, they’re severely underappreciated in the U.K and it’s about time we got some interesting ready made mixes, I also love that my OCD is thoroughly satisfied after a decent mix and it gave me the chance to realise a good three quarters of my mix were cranberries. I didn’t realise until I was already eating them that they were cherry flavoured and thanks to my stupid brain I then couldn’t decide whether they tasted more like cranberry or cherry..  Never mind, they’re juicy, chewy and with the exception of one disgustingly bitter bite, deliciously sweet.

The same story goes for the raisins just in a smaller quantity and definitely raisin tasting and again with the nuts and I really appreciated the roasted salty flavours paired with the sweeter dried fruits.

Lastly, and completely leastly, are the M&M’s. I had three in my mix, three (slightly smaller than usual I’m sure) chocolatey little M&M’s to somehow savour amongst the strong and never-ending cranberry. Sure they tasted fine but really?

DSCF3119 (2)

Rating: 4/10

The first photo was generous, I can’t remember exactly how much I paid but they aren’t cheap and certainly more expensive than a chocolate bar. I didn’t expect the bag to be padded out with the cheaper dried fruits to the extent it was. The mix is fantastic, chocolatey, salty, crunchy, chewy, sweet. But honestly, save your money – they sell huge fruit and nut mixes for less than a pound and buy your own M&M’s.

DSCF3141 (2)

The other variety I opted for was the Galaxy

A mix of orange flavoured cranberries, golden raisins, milk chocolate and cashew nuts. 

There was a much more varied mix of the four rather than an overwhelming glut of cranberries and although I’d have like a few more cashews than I did have I understand they’re probably the most expensive component of the mix.

DSCF3149 (2)

There was still a slight unbalance in the numbers though and I had a few more raisins meaning I had a handful purely of the little golden treats. I usually stick to the darker varities of raisins or currants but I know that isn’t how golden raisins taste!! I double checked the ingredients at the time as they had a very strong orange flavour and if you really look at the photo above you’ll see a slight red tinge to some of the raisins – obviously where the orange flavoured cranberries have sort of leaked on to them…  I don’t mind they were tasty but there wasn’t much difference between those raisins and the cranberries.

As I mentioned, the cranberries had a strong orange flavour. It was quite strange while it was unexpected but it was a lovely orange flavour anyway. The tiny chocolate buttons were much better than their M&M counterparts. Not only did I have enough but they were delicious and worked well in a honey I shrunk the chocolate size. Usually I hate the smoothness of Galaxy but I loved it with the differing textures of chewy and crunchy and the strong unmistakable Galaxy flavour shone through.

The only slight negative would be the Cashews. I had one which was a soft with no crunch at all. “But it’s only one?” well, when there’s only four halves in the entire bag that’s one too many! The other three were good, crunchy with a delicious nutty cashew flavour but they seemed a bit plain compared to the roasted, salted peanuts in the M&M’s bag.

Rating: 7/10

Much better than the M&M’s mix, it didn’t feel like anywhere near as much of a rip off but if I’m being picky can I swap the cashews and the peanuts? It’d be pretty perfect then!


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