Maynards Bassetts Juicy Chews

DSCF3121 (2)

I got a little excited upon finding the sweets reviewed today, we’ve had lots of different flavours of sweets (the various Skittles, Fruittella etc) but no real new sweet. Granted, it’s not a new idea, we’ve had juicy filled sweets before, but there’s nothing else quite like this that I can think of out right now – feel free to correct me though!

Fruit flavoured chews with liquid centres – orange, cherry and strawberry flavours. 

Things got off to a bad start as each chew is individually wrapped, great if you’re saving some for later but it’s such a pain in the arse when you’re actually trying to eat them.

I was put out even more trying to photograph the bloody things, they look like small marshmallows and seemed to have the diddiest little splodge of juice inside so to get close enough to photo meant I was too close to be in focus… I gave up – all I wanted was to eat the bloody things!

DSCF3128 (3)

They looked and felt reasonably squidgy in my hand but to eat was another story, the chews themselves reminded me of a firmer and chewier Chewit with a much duller flavour. In fact, if it wasn’t for the coloured wrappers and the juice I think I’d have been hard pressed to tell the three flavours apart. I’m not even sure if they’re supposed to be flavoured at all or if it’s just the juice. Not great.

I hoped Juicy Chews would be like an old school favourite:


Remember those? Maybe it’s nostalgia but I remember gooey juicy moist sweets. The juicy chews were nothing alike. To make the chew “photo-worthy” I had to squeeze it so that’s probably the entire contents squeezed out..

DSCF3132 (2)

The juice itself was better and so it should be seeing as it contains actual concentrated fruit juice from all three flavours. They aren’t claiming to be all natural though and considering there are added scaries, I’d have like a stronger flavour.

The cherry was OK, a pleasant flavour which is reasonably strong but doesn’t do too much against the relatively plain chew. Orange was slightly milder but a more enjoyable flavour and a lot more natural tasting. Unsurprisingly, my favourite of the three was strawberry and I don’t think it’s just through personal preference. It was the only flavour where the centre wasn’t quite as liquid-runny and had a thick, sugary syrupy feel. It translated into a slightly stronger strawberry flavour – figures I’d like the extra sweet one!


The chews themselves need to have a stronger flavour and there needs to be more liquid filling. They had the potential to be so good and in theory should be great – a Chewit/Fruittella with a extra shot of juicy flavour? It should be impossible to mess up, the reality is just a bit disappointing.



2 thoughts on “Maynards Bassetts Juicy Chews

  1. I’ve deliberately not bothered trying these because they just look so unappealing. I think Starburst did some liquid filled chews once and they weren’t too great either. I remember bursting bugs though…they were epic! I think they also did some “blood filled” sweets for Halloween once.

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