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Vimto Mini BonBons

If you’ve read my blog before you might already know about my hunt for the worlds greatest Bon Bon. I’ve been on lots of hunts lately, I’ll take anything on so long as it means I get to shove food in my gob! As it stands, Refreshers Fizz Balls are hovering at third, Sunkist are in a very respectable second but the outright king of the Bon Bons is Monty Bojangles Bon Bonanza.

I’ve been eyeing up the Vimto Bon Bons for a while but I’d only seen them sold in 200g bags and that is a lot of Bon Bon to commit to if they turn out to be skank – like the Sour Vimtoads. Waste not, want not! I found a mini version being sold in 45g bags and now here you are, reading the review! 

They aren’t called Mini Bon Bons for nothing, there were quite a few teeny weeny pinky purple Bon Bons and they had an incredibly strong Vimto scent. Now I’ve not drunk Vimto in years and I wondered if I’d remember what it tasted like to compare but the memories came flooding back after one sniff. These aren’t fruity flavoured sweets – its unmistakably Vimto. 

I might have thought I remembered Vimto once I’d caught a whiff, but once I’d tasted one it was like I’d had a glass of Vimto only yesterday! They have a very strong, vibrant uniquely Vimto taste which is long lasting and of course artificial but very tasty! 

The Bon Bons themselves have quite a soft chew and don’t last very long, especially as they’re so small but what they lack in size they more than make up for in flavour. 


Why oh why haven’t I bought a big bag! They can only be better bigger, surely?

Sorry Refreshers you’ve been bumped to fourth and Vimto are sitting pretty in third place with


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