8/10 · Chocolate · Coffee

Waitrose Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Beans

DSCF3098 (2)

Another not-so-new but very easily missed product today. Mr.1T has developed an addiction to white chocolate chunks, not buttons but the bags of cheap cooking chocolate found in the baking aisle. I’m not complaining, they’re half the price for an equivalent bag of chocolate, he says they taste as nice if not better and it led me to these beauties.

Don’t make the same mistake I did when I first picked these up, they aren’t chocolate covered coffee beans but rather coffee flavoured chocolate beans. I put off eating them in the evening for ages “I don’t want that much caffeine just before bed!” only to actually read the packet one afternoon and realise..idiot.

It’s quite an easy mistake to make looking at them though and it’s unsurprising from Waitrose but they’ve nailed the coffee bean look and if it wasn’t for the mouthwatering chocolate scent it would have been easy to shove them in my coffee machine rather than my mouth.

DSCF3101 (2)

Not that there was too much of a chocolate aroma, maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me but the coffee smell was strong – if they hadn’t been coffee bean shaped there’d have been no doubt what flavour they were.

Taking a bite was interesting, thanks to the small bean shape they had a very satisfying bite and mostly had the consistency of thick chocolate buttons but every now and then (and again maybe my mind) there was a slight crunch to each bean like you’d expect from a real coffee bean.

The chocolate was good, it had quite a rich dark flavour with a slightly bitter edge, I don’t think it’s dark chocolate as sugar is the number one ingredient and it does have a sweet flavour but the coffee really compliments it to give it an intense taste.

Speaking of which, I loved the coffee. Individually, it wasn’t very strong at all – pointless I know, who would eat one? But in the interests of decorating say cupcakes, you’d need at least 3 to notice the coffee flavour, they’d look good though! If you’re going to eat them like buttons however and shovel them in? Be warned, they’re like crack! A rich and gorgeous coffee flavour that’s not too strong and not particularly bitter but is perfect with the chocolate and I couldn’t get enough of them.


One of the most moreish things I’ve eaten in a long time. If you buy these and need them for baking do not take a sneaky sample for yourself, you won’t end up having any left.



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