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Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry

DSCF2927 (2)

A trip down the world food aisle in Tesco found me these babies, made and distibuted by the Canadian division of Hershey the bag contains 198g of acai and blueberry flavoured centres with a 43% dark chocolate coating.

They might be Canadian but they are still made by Hershey so I didn’t have high hopes for a proper dark chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found, very dark (although unnaturally shiny) with quite a rich dark chocolate smell. There was a strange fruity scent mixed in too and it’s driving me absolutely crazy what it smells like – please someone else try these and tell me what it is!

DSCF2931 (2)

The packet makes clear the centres are only fruit flavoured but I was still expecting an actual blueberry for some reason, so biting one was a bit of a shock. They’re a bit like a jelly or gummy sweet just a little firmer but still pretty soft and the texture paired perfectly with the quite thick chocolate coating.

The fruit flavours are strongest first. Initially quite a sharp berry flavour turning into a sweet blueberry, I’ve never tried Acai berries before but apparently they have quite a sharp flavour to begin with so this must be what I could taste. The fruit flavours are delicious, natural but strong – the best blueberry flavour I can remember trying for a long while.

The chocolate was good too though, It tasted a lot darker than the 43% cocoa percentage and previous experience led me to expect. This could be due to the contrast to the sweet centres, it could actually be a pretty decent chocolate but I think it’s thanks to the Acai. Apparently, some people think Acai berries have a strong, almost bitter after taste not dissimilar to dark chocolate and  I think this combined with the darker chocolate exaggerates the darker flavours of the chocolate.


They’re sweet, rich, sharp, deep and packed full of flavour. Everything in one small shiny ball!

Strangely addictive, surprisingly tasty and they’re good for you (kind of). I like a lot.



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