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The Laughing Cow Dip & Crunch, Tomato & Oregano

DSCF2977 (2)

It’s been a while since I reviewed a cheesy snack, back then it was the Dairylea Dunker Cheesy Bacon snack pack and today is the turn of soft cheese spread rival, The Laughing Cow. I have to be honest, when it comes to breadstick dip snacks, I’m usually Team Dairylea Dunker but my cheese triangles are always laughing cow.

Tomato & Oregano flavours are a bit grown up though aren’t they? I didn’t feel as much of a plank buying these as I did the bacon ones anyway!

The pack seems a lot smaller than the Dunkers – the breadsticks feel half the size! There are two types of breadstick used in the Dairylea Dunkers, the original plain breadstick and the thinner more wafer feeling herby “Jumbo Tubes”. The Laughing Cow sticks are an odd combination of the two. The crispier more substantial feel of an original stick combined with the herby scent of the Jumbo Tubes.
DSCF2980 (2)

They tasted a lot like a combination of the two too. Although its Oregano flavoured and uses real Oregano, it tastes a lot like the herb-y, chive-y, garlic-y Jumbo Tubes. I prefer the combination of the two actually, they’re a lot sturdier feeling and have a much nicer flavour than plain boring breadsticks.

I noticed a very, very slight tomato after taste but this was only when I ate one sans-cheese. Which kind of misses the point. When eaten with the cheese it was nowhere to be tasted.

Speaking of the cheese I much prefer it to the Dairylea cheese. I didn’t think there was much difference and there isn’t really in flavour – it’s kids cheese spread, it’s never going to win any awards let’s be honest. But it’s slightly thinner in the Laughing Cow snacks which meant that all of my breadsticks survived dunking and I was able to eat the inevitable leftover cheese without any breadcrumbs once all the breadsticks were gone!


I like! Nice and easy on the go snack, it’s not particularly bad for you and they’re reasonably cheap. Not enough breadsticks though!



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