6/10 · Yogurt

Rachel’s Limited Edition Organic Caramel Latte Yoghurt

DSCF3058 (2)

I’ve lost count of the number of reviews I’ve droned on about never eating low fat yoghurt again in. I couldn’t be expected to pass up Caramel Latte flavour though! Made by Rachel’s this organic, low fat, bio-live yog(h)urt is

organic coffee blended with organic low fat yoghurt and perfectly sweetened with a hint of caramel. 

Not organic caramel? Well yes, it is actually. The ingredients are:

Organic Yoghurt, Organic Caramel Coffee Preparation (organic sugar, organic brown sugar, organic glucose syrup, organic salted butter (salt) , Organic Rice Starch, Natural Flavouring, Organic Coffee (1.7%)(organic soluble coffee, organic ground coffee) Organic Concentrated Lemon Juice, Salt) Organic Sugar.

Is organic a real word or did I make it up?

DSCF3061 (2)

Anyway, there was the standard thicker layer of yoghurt covering the foil seal, it had the delicious scent of both caramel and coffee – the coffee being slightly stronger – and as always I had to lick the lid. I’d like to say the entire yoghurt was as good as that super thick concentrated layer but that would be a complete lie!

Ignoring the deceptive lid lick, stirring the watery top layer into the rest of the yoghurt was pleasantly surprising. Usually low fat yoghurts don’t have great texture but I was really impressed with Rachel’s yoghurt – thick and creamy tasting with a really rich feel, maybe all those organic ingredients paid off?

DSCF3067 (2)

As I mentioned, for me, the flavour really let the overall yoghurt down. It’s a plain yoghurt so for quite a lot of the tub it tasted only like the familiar tang of a plain yoghurt. It’s perfectly fine and pretty damn tasty for a plain yoghurt but that really isn’t what I was after.

It’s not all bad, some spoonfuls weren’t plain at all but had a delicious sweet and quite rich caramel flavour. Others had a mild (in my opinion) coffee flavour. It’s a nice touch that the black specks pictured above are actual granules and spoonfuls with more of the ground coffee had a stronger flavour but the underlying coffee just isn’t strong enough for my liking.


I understand it’s Caramel Latte and not purely coffee flavour but the coffee isn’t strong enough to compete with the sweet caramel and tangy yoghurt. When spoonfuls have enough of all three flavours it’s amazing and really reminiscent of a milky, caramel coffee but these spoons were few and far between.

Not a patch on the Collective Coffee.




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