8/10 · Sweets

Monarch Sugar Free Soor Plooms

DSCF3048 (2)

These were the other sweets Peter from Sweets Without sent me to try. I’d never heard of Soor Plooms before and over on Sweets Without they’re described as –

 It’s not a misprint – this is what they call this sweet in Scotland!. They are a traditional sugar free Scottish sweet.  The great plum flavour lasts right to the end of the sweet and is complemented by a perfet hint of sourness.

So a sour Scottish plum flavoured sweet… Sounds interesting!

DSCF3052 (2)

The Soor Plooms (honestly I LOVE the name, me and Mr.1T have been walking around all week just saying Soor Ploom over and over again!) are small hard, shiny green boiled sweets that last a long time in the mouth but had just enough give that after a while of sucking I could give them a good crunch.

Of the two bags I assumed I’d prefer the Jelly Belly. I was wrong. As we’d spent all week talking about them I offered one to Mr.1T and immediately regretted it when he claimed half of the pack.

I can’t say plum flavoured sweets are one I seek but I will be from now on. The flavour is incredible! Super strong and just as promised strangely sour with an underlying sweetness that makes these dangerously addictive. The sourness is a weird one, it isn’t so sharp it makes you wince or puckers your lip but it’s more than sour enough, perhaps it’s the sweet flavour countering it but I don’t care – I just want more!!


Well now I have a new addiction. I’m seriously shocked at how tasty these are, why have I never heard of Soor Plooms before??



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