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Jelly Belly Sugar Free Sours

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I received another delivery from Peter at Sweets Without last week and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Inside Peters sugar free goody box were a packet of Sugar Free Jelly Belly and just the day before I’d had 2kg of “proper” Jelly Belly delivered from Amazon so I had more than enough of the real deal to compare!

The sugar free Jelly Belly are made with Splenda rather than sugar, contain 28% fewer calories than regular Jelly Belly beans and come with the standard warning most sugar free treats do.

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Visually there isn’t usually much difference with sugar free products but there actually is with the jelly beans, the sugar free have much more of a solid colour and a marbled appearance.

The flavours are all sour versions and are fairly usual; Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, Orange and with the exception of the orange kind of failed on the sour front.

Lemon surprisingly was one of the sweetest, it wasn’t particularly strong though and definitely wasn’t sour. Grape again wasn’t sour but was a much nicer flavour and I quite enjoyed it actually. Green Apple was again quite sweet but not quite as strong as a usual apple Jelly Belly. Orange was the only flavour with any sort of sourness, though it was probably more sharp than sour – I was kind of reaching at this point. My favourite of all the flavours was Cherry, which, surprise surprise it wasn’t really sour but it was just as strong as a standard cherry Jelly Belly and delicious.

The biggest difference though was the texture. Rather than the perfect chewy jelly of the normal Jelly Belly beans it had a crunchy exterior and a sticky centre. It’s very strange and feels almost powdery, its not bad as such just not quite the same.


They aren’t the same as normal Jelly Belly but that has to be expected when the main ingredient is sugar! The flavours were a lot sweeter than I expected too but despite how all the above sounds they aren’t that bad.

I think the differences seemed so much greater thanks to the two kilograms of the sugary stuff sitting on my shelf providing an immediate comparison. I wouldn’t personally choose them over proper Jelly Beans but they’re an acceptable replacement should you need to cut out sugar – ignore the word sour and the flavours are up to Jelly Bellys usual standards.


Big thanks again to Peter at www.sweetswithout.co.uk

make sure you go and check out the sugar free selection on the site!


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