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Candy Kittens – Fresh Raspberry

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I’ve tried a few Candy Kitten sweets before, you can find those reviews here and of the four, 2 were good and 2 were a bit meh. So why have I bought another bag? Well they’re no longer exclusive to Waitrose, I picked the new flavour I’ve got today – Fresh Raspberry – up in Tesco in a slightly smaller size bag and at a much more reasonable £1.

I’ve also spoken about the various benefits of buying Candy Kittens but I’ll run through them again. Fresh Raspberry – as close as we could get to a bag of summer. No bitter surprises here, just pure zingy raspberry – does include a few more ingredients than just raspberry but it is made with real fruit juice (radish, carrot, apple, tomato, pumpkin, blackcurrent concentrates) and is gluten free and halal.  DSCF3033 (2)

Fresh Raspberry sweets fit the theme of the rest of the Candy Kittens sweets, cat shaped sweeties in a very appealing bright pink colour with the CK logo stamp where the cats face should be. I’m quite pleased about that, I hate eating sweets with faces!

They have a strong raspberry scent and feel soft and slightly sticky to the touch. I mentioned a minute ago that my experiences with Candy Kittens so far have been perfectly split down the middle: half have been good, half disappointing. Don’t expect this flavour to be the decider – it’s half perfect too!

They have a lovely soft chew, I’m currently waiting for an “emergency” dentist appointment thanks to quite a bad cut gum that anything firmer than soup hurts, but despite having some chew of substance were soft enough not to agitate my sensitive gums at all.

They have a reasonably strong flavour to begin with. It’s clearly raspberry and very tasty but its quite a natural flavour. Sometimes in sweets a natural flavour can mean quite dull or boring but it’s by no means a criticism here – it’s delicious. Sadly it doesn’t last very long though and fades quite quickly to leave just a plain, gummy sweet.


I don’t know why I expected anything different because they were cheaper and in a different supermarket! The flavour was very nice while it lasted and the texture is good too. The raspberry just isn’t long-lasting enough to enjoy one or two at a time, personally I don’t mind shovelling the lot down in one sitting but I appreciate that not everyone does and the nutritional information provided is for one individual sweet so Candy Kittens think you might like to.

Still tasty though, and again if you’re gluten free or halal they’re one to try for sure.



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