8/10 · Ice cream

Jude’s – Salted Caramel

Last but not least from my mega Ocado snack haul, is another mini tub from Jude’s. It’s not a new one but it comes highly recommended and won the great taste gold award in 2011.

DSCF2912 (2)

It looked and smelt like standard caramel and I could tell what kind of texture it was going to be just by looking at it.

As expected, thick and creamy, deliciously soft ice cream. Perfect straight from the freezer but it only improves the longer it sits out – not that it lasted long!

The caramel flavour is wonderful, certainly one of the better caramel ice creams I’ve had for a while, and is sweet with a delicious rich and quite deep flavour.. A grown up caramel if that makes sense!

Sadly it did suffer the same fate a lot of salted caramel products do: it wasn’t particularly salty. There were (tiny) spoonfuls every now and then that had that salty sweet contrasting kick but they were few and far between and my one criticism is that I’d have liked it distributed about a bit better.


Another one that I’m smacking my head for only buying a small tub!



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