9/10 · Ice cream

Jude’s Brown Butter Pecan

DSCF2986 (2)

Yep, another Ocado ice cream – same delivery. No shame, I spent an absolute fortune on ice cream and chocolate. You don’t want to know what sort of value bland stodge I’ve been eating for my actual meals, but I’ve been snacking like a king and I’ve got no regrets so far!

Coming off the back of Movenpick Tiramisu  and Jude’s Flat White ice creams, Jude’s Brown Butter Pecan had a tough act to follow.

DSCF2990 (2)

Brown Butter ice cream with swirls of caramel and pecan pieces

I wasn’t sure what to expect at all with this ice cream. I’ve never had a brown butter flavoured ice cream, or anything, before so the flavour would be a new experience but the consistency of Jude’s ice cream have differed recently. This is my third tub in as many weeks and would be the decider.

I’ll come to the flavour in a moment but the texture of the ice cream couldn’t have been better. Soft and easily scoopable but still with a thick and  quite solid feel. It melted quite slowly but still felt lovely and creamy with a real quality finish.

DSCF2999 (2)

This flavour includes two of my faves – nuts and caramel – but I couldn’t have cared less. The brown butter is out of this world. It is second only in butteriness to actual butter, yet the fact it’s a brown butter gives it that slightly “toasted”, caramelised edge that is freaking delicious and doesn’t make you feel like you’re spooning butter straight from the tub! Honestly, it is incredible.

I was a bit annoyed to find my pecans, they were taking up valuable ice cream space. Seriously though, there were surprisingly quite a lot for such a small tub (I opted for the 120ml) not so much that they really did detract from the ice cream but more than a fair amount. They’re decently sized with a nice crunchy bite and the most gorgeous nutty flavour.

DSCF3003 (2)

Finally the caramel swirls, which as you can probably guess were great too! I’m unsure how much of the caramel flavour from the ice cream actually comes from the brown butter as the caramel was only visible in the bottom but the rich caramelised flavour was abundant throughout. I’m not complaining – I don’t care where it came from as long as it tastes good!


You can probably guess I enjoyed this one. I wondered in the Flat White Coffee where the richness went from the ice cream. Answer is, it’s in this flavour! Everything is good – quality, flavour, textures.

I love this and I’m gutted I only bought it in the smaller tub!



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