Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds

DSCF3005 (2)

Imagine my excitement when I found not one, but two, new nut themed Ritter bars on Ocado. Last week I reviewed the Alpine Milk Macadamia, this week is standard milk chocolate but the nuts are a touch fancier..

Milk chocolate with roasted almonds blended with a touch of honey and salt

Once again the bar actually looked exactly as the wrapper advertised with huge almonds protruding from the smooth chocolate.

DSCF3009 (2)

There didn’t seem to be as many almonds as there were macadamia nuts but it didn’t stop the bar from smelling almost exclusively of strong nutty almonds.

In fact it was the same story as last weeks bar all round – the nuts were nearly all I noticed! For starters the sheer size of these bad boys is impressive. Each normal sized square of ritter had enough space for two nuts at a push – most had just the one – and they’re magnificently crunchy. So hard and crunchy I actually cut my gum on one.. it’s dangerous work being a nut muncher!

DSCF3013 (2)

The flavour of the nuts were perfect. They were slightly sticky from the honey flavoured coating (almost a glaze) with a distinct honey flavour and the mouthwatering sweetness that comes with the territory – not sugary just addictively syrupy sweet.

To counter this sweetness, Ritter have roasted the almonds and added a touch of salt. The salt isn’t as salty tasting as some nuts are but just salty enough to be the Ying to the sweet honey and milky chocolates Yang.

Speaking of which, as  I mentioned the chocolate isn’t the same as the previous bar. It’s milk chocolate but not the Alpine and as such has less of a milky flavour and tastes more like standard Ritter milk choc. It’s still very good, just different and I think I prefer this chocolate, the Alpine Milk  has too much of its own flavour to be hidden behind the strong nuts and this is much more suited.


Massively morish and a total Goldilocks chocolate – not too sweet, not too salty, not too chocolatey. Perfect proportions of everything and I couldn’t get enough!



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