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Jude’s Flat White Coffee

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As well as the Movenpick Tiramisu ice cream, a couple of other ice creams found themselves in my Ocado shopping basket a few weeks ago. I was making a point of looking for brands I’ve never had before but even if I was sticking to Ben & Jerry’s or The Licktators, I have a sneaky suspicion a new coffee ice cream would have always tempted me.

I have previously tried Jude’s dairy ice cream though and I liked it a lot. Jude’s are a British company from Hampshire and 10% of the profits go to charity, so although they are a little pricey (around that £5 again) there are a couple of reasons not to feel so bad.

The ice cream has a gorgeous light coffee colour; almost Caramac coloured,  just a little darker and not quite as brown as chocolate.

I found the texture a little lacking compared to the previous tub of Jude’s I’d eaten. It’s made using fresh double cream and while it is thick, super dense and (eventually) creamy, it’s lacking a richness and was like concrete – I ate the lot in one go and it was only reaching that melty cream consistency right at the very bottom. If this was the first Jude’s I’d tried I doubt I’d notice anything amiss but it was very different to the others.

DSCF2971 (2)

The flavour is incredible. It’s strange, most coffee flavoured products are espresso, mocha or latte but this tastes exactly like a standard (but decent) milky coffee – no fancy crap and not so strong its almost bitter but it’s perfect.

I didn’t know the difference between a flat white and a latte, apparently it’s all in the way it’s prepared – mainly the milk. A latte is more like a milky coffee and a flat white is more of a milky espresso – the emphasis is more on the frothy milk in a latte (apparently.. we’ll blame Google if not) It seems to be the case in the Jude’s ice cream, the coffee (made using 1.7% Columbian Arabica coffee) is wonderfully strong, certainly strong enough for me (do I really need to drone on about I only drink black coffee in another blog post?) yet it still has a delicious milkiness that eliminates any bitterness and makes this any coffee lovers dream.


It does exactly what it says on the packet. Strong enough to satisfy the espresso end of the scale and milky sweet enough to plough through, break-up style! This is my chosen method of munching and as it was, it became a bit boring. This is much more of an after dinner scoop or an ice cream to be served alongside other deliciousness. Not really one to be served straight out the tub as it’s not doing the flavour any justice.



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