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Mentos Shakies

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I’m not really a mint girl, I used to be but I dropped that habit in secondary school when God forbid anyone should see me pull one out of my blazer – what is it about mints that means everyone wants one??

My husband loves Mentos, I don’t mind the fruit flavoured but you can bet he’s got a half eaten packet on the go somewhere. I usually pick Fruittella or Chewits over Mentos but the new Shakies flavour sounded right up my street. They contain three milkshake flavours: Strawberry and Banana – nice traditional fruit based milkshake flavours. I’ll give you a tenner if you can guess the third and final fruit milkshake flavour..



Anyway.. The shakies are made using only natural colours and real fruit juice from concentrate as well as artificial flavourings.

 DSCF2962 (2)

I was pretty pissed to find I had mainly peach!

I wasn’t brewing for long though as actually it’s a lovely peach flavour and ended up the strongest tasting of the three. It’s very fruity and quite natural tasting.

Banana couldn’t have been more different – yep its made with real fruit juice and it does taste somewhat natural at times but it’s foam banana sweets in “chewy dragee” form and exactly what I’d imagine the Imperial Leather foam banana shower gel would taste like if it were edible…

Last but not least, a firm favourite and obviously fail-safe, was strawberry. I couldn’t taste much difference from standard strawberry Mentos to be honest. That isn’t a bad thing as they’re still delicious and mega, mega juicy, I just expected something different.


All three flavours are very good. Nice firm chew, super juicy and all three developed from an initially mild taste to very strong.

I’m just failing to taste anything remotely milkshake related, they’re just three different fruit flavours..

Tasty but disappointing.



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