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Ritter Sport Macadamia

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It has been far too long since I had a new Ritter Sport to try. Thankfully Ocado came to the rescue once more – seriously, everything I’ve reviewed lately (unless otherwise specified) has been on the same Ocado delivery, no wonder the delivery driver was giving me such strange looks, I hadn’t realised just how much junk food I’d ordered!

The Macadamia bar uses the “queen of nuts” in Alpine Milk Chocolate, the latter I’ve reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed.

The bar is sectioned into Ritter’s usual short fat squares but the back (or bottom) of the bar is where the good stuff’s at. It looked exactly as advertised on the wrapper, packed full of huge Macadamia nuts and with a deliciously nutty scent.

DSCF2918 (2)

The chocolate tasted pretty much identical to the stand alone Alpine Milk Chocolate bar albeit not quite as strong as it was there. It’s just as milky, just as chocolatey and just as silky smooth. Honestly, this Apline stuff is some of the smoothest chocolate I’ve ever eaten.

This isn’t just an Alpine bar though and as good as the chocolate is, it pales in comparison to the nuts. A mixture of halved and chopped Macadamia nuts provides a interesting combination of textures, the halved are huge and are almost soft – feeling nearly chewy against the hard crunchiness from the small chopped nuts. Both of those nestled in the smooth milky chocolate? I was in heaven!

As well as texture perfection the flavour of the nuts was what stood out most. Strong and sweet with the familiar Macadamia flavour – the more I ate the more I agreed with Ritter’s “queen of nuts” label. In fact it’s so nutty tasting and there are so many, that at times I struggled to even taste the chocolate and as blasphemous as it feels to say, they’re that good that it wasn’t even a bad thing!

DSCF2922 (2)


For the first time ever in a Ritter Sport bar the emphasis isn’t on the chocolate. Ritter’s normal modus operandi seems to be  find a good quality, good tasting chocolate and then find something tasty to put inside. A filled chocolate bar. Whereas this flavour feels more like good quality nuts covered in just as good a quality chocolate. It’s almost as if the chocolate was an afterthought, a bloody delicious afterthought nonetheless!



2 thoughts on “Ritter Sport Macadamia

  1. Stop making me want new chocolates, Marmey! This sounds bloody amazing…I’m a huuuuge macadamia fan, in fact I never buy them now because I scoff so many at once I end up with puffy hands (I’m slightly allergic)! I’ve never bought from Ocado but I hope other shops have these in soon or I may have to.

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