9/10 · Ice cream

Movenpick Tiramisu

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For someone as obsessed with ice cream as I am, I really should be trying lots of different types. I’ve been stung too many times though to really stray from my boys, the always good Ben & Jerry’s, but I was feeling brave browsing Ocado (and it was on special offer) and added a Movenpick Tiramisu flavoured ice cream to my order.

DSCF2882 (2)

Movenpick are a Swiss ice cream company, a division of Nestle and they have stores all over the world. It’s only recently the smaller 450ml tubs have been sold in the UK and for fear of eating a litre of ice cream to myself in one go, I’ve swerved them till now.

The Tiramisu ice cream is an “ice cream with Marscapone cheese, coffee sauce, biscuits and Masala wine”  note that this isn’t Tiramisu flavoured, it’s literally made with the same ingredients you’d make Tiramisu with.

I especially liked the cocoa dusting on top,  it was layered quite thickly with a super intense flavour and gave it a lovely authentic touch from the get go.

DSCF2886 (2)

The ice cream itself was surprisingly delicious! I shouldn’t really have been shocked as it retails around the magic £5 mark where quality picks up, but it was thick and creamy and was as good, if not better, in texture as my base line Ben & Jerry’s.

There isn’t much point describing each individual part in detail – I’d literally just be describing a real Tiramisu, it’s that spot on.

The creamy, sweet Mascarpone and the strong, boozy Masala flavours running throughout the ice cream were fighting for strongest flavour while still complimenting each other time and tasting undeniably Tiramisu-esque.

Rippled throughout was a coffee sauce, it was much more latte tasting than the espressos I’d have preferred but fit in nicely with the rest of the tub.

DSCF2889 (2)

If all that wasn’t delicious enough there are decently sized “biscuits” dotted about too. This is very much a case of lost in translation as biscuit they aint! Why would Movenpick stay true to an authentic Tiramisu just to shove some Rich Teas in right at the end? Of course they’re proper Lady Fingers, soft, sweet and squidgy with a slight cocoa and coffee flavour – though this could be soaked in from the other ingredients – they were delicious and rounded it off nicely.


More than worthy of being compared to B&J, Haagen Dazs and the other big boys in the ice cream world. In fact I probably wouldn’t buy a plain tub of Ben & Jerry’s with no mix ins but I would with Movenpick.

This isn’t Tiramisu flavoured ice cream at all. It is Tiramisu, just with added ice cream – a truely grown up ice cream.

Now please start selling it in actual shops rather than just Ocado.



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