Joe & Seph’s Marmite Popcorn

DSCF2873 (2)

Crunchy caramel popcorn generously coated in lovely Marmite.

My Twitter and Instagram blew up over the weekend with lots of you lovely people letting me know Joe & Seph’s were releasing a Marmite Popcorn. My Marmey-Senses had already located these but please don’t stop letting me know about anything Marmite related!

I ordered a few bags from Ocado (they’re actually cheaper than the Joe & Seph’s site) and they turned up yesterday morning weighing a reasonable 75g and with the familiar black and yellow labelling that screams Marmite.

I haven’t actually tried Joe & Seph’s popcorn before but I was impressed with what I found. There were no unpopped kernels (coughButterkistcough), all the flavour was actually on the popcorn so no pile of seasoning or flavour dust at the bottom of the bag and they were all weirdly identically sized pieces. I read online that some food production factories serve all the big supermarkets but Waitrose and M&S get the pick of the good ingredients and it’s as if Joe & Seph’s have if there was a popcorn factory – they were all bitesized, perfectly popped, wickedly crunchy pieces. I found myself looking for some dodgy bits but there were none to be found! Gourmet popcorn indeed.

DSCF2877 (2)

Joe & Seph’s describe themselves  as a “gourmet chef and connoisseur” I quite fancy myself as a Marmite connoisseur, I like it on everything. If you follow my Instagram you’ll see I even made Marmite Ice Cream a while ago and it’s very rare that products meet my Marmite strength expectations. Until now. 

Things were looking good before I’d even eaten a thing, they smelt just like the Marmite Flatbreads strangely. I say strangely as the Flatbreads were nearly as cheesy as they were Marmitey, and although there’s no cheese in the popcorn I could, and still can in the empty packet, smell it. That’s not a bad thing, far from it, we all know cheese and Marmite are the ultimate combo.

I thought they smelt strong but the strength of the smell was nothing compared to the flavour. Seriously, the strongest tasting Marmite product I’ve ever bought/made/tasted – second in strength only to eating a spoonful straight from the jar (it’s what the catering sized tubs were invented for). I didn’t expect much, most companies cater for the normal Marmite fan like Mr.1T – a thin slither on toast is enough – but this was made for Marmite addicts like me. I pride myself on eating the black stuff straight but even I found it extremely strong and Mr.1T had to take a break. Wimp.

This would be perfection were it not for one thing. Normally I have no issue with sweet Marmite products – chocolate, ice cream, etc. – the sweet and salty mixture is like crack to me but I’m unsure on the caramel. At times it tasted cheesy like it smelt,  and a lot like the delicious Flatbreads, but every now and then it had a sweet caramel flavour. It’s not that it was bad, just a bit weird.


Not for the faint hearted. The first and only product to meet, and smash, my Marmite expectations. Would be a solid 10 if the sweet caramel wasn’t there.



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