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Cadbury Cookie – Salted Caramel Brownie

DSCF2859 (2)

There are two new cookies on the block and both come from Cadbury: Salted Caramel Brownie and Mocha Choc Chunk. Typically I found the flavour I didn’t really want but Mr.1T did, so into the trolley they went!

Caramel flavour soft baked cookies with milk chocolate chunks, caramel pieces and sea salt. 

DSCF2861 (2)

Each box contains 8 25g cookies that are “so deliciously indulgent, I may stick together… but I am always soft and decadent”. None of mine were stuck together but they were very soft! Cadbury suggest trying them with ice cream or heated and helpfully provide instructions for the microwave (10 seconds in an 800w and stand for 60 secs FYI). I have no ice cream, even if I did I wouldn’t be wasting it on Cadbury cookies to be honest, but I was willing to waste 20 seconds of my life sticking one in the microwave – forget waiting a full 60 seconds though!

Both cold and zapped cookies had the same slightly caramel, vaguely brownie scent but they differed in taste.

DSCF2865 (2)

Warm they weren’t too bad, I didn’t even realise the cookie itself was supposed to be caramel flavoured – it had a cocoa flavour and was much more brownie like than carmel. Despite the lack of caramel they were quite salty though – funny, it’s usually the opposite with no salt and all caramel. The chocolate and caramel chunks had melted and were gooey and very sweet with the distinct (new) Cadbury Dairy Milk flavour. Still no caramel though.

Cold was disappointing. They felt slightly firmer but were still ridiculously soft, I felt like if I wasn’t careful handling them they’d be squished immediately. The supposedly caramel cookies that tasted like cocoa zapped were pretty plain straight from the box. No chocolate, no caramel and not much salt. The chocolate chunks tasted the same but lacked the velvety smooth stickiness that made them so attractive once warmed.


Well these were a big box of boring. Not enough caramel, not enough cocoa, sickly sweet chocolate – mind you Mr.1T loved them. As I was writing this review up I asked if he knew the cookies themselves were caramel flavoured, “no they aren’t” “they’re supposed to be” “oh…” – so at least we agree there! While I get what they were going for, the super soft “Brownie” texture was the worst part of the cookie. They just felt raw.



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