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The Co-Op Hazelnut Latte Fruit & Nut Mix

DSCF2842 (2)

It’s well established that hazelnuts, chocolate and coffee go well together. God knows there are a hundred different drink variations of this combination let alone food stuffs. Today I have The Co-Op Loved By Us Hazelnut Latte Fruit & Nut Mix –

A selection of raisins, roasted hazelnuts, coffee flavour milk chocolate buttons and plain chocolate coated coffee beans.

I’m annoyed I’ve only just become aware of the existence of this bag and I think this is something Co-Op need to improve on, unless you go actually into one of the stores it’s very hard to know anything about any of their own brand products. In my area the only adverts Co-Op have are usually for Birds Eye products and even they are stuck on the side of the actual shop.

Never mind! My bag had a decent mix, I had more raisins than anything else as expected, but not by much. They were fine, sweet juicy and chewy and they were all fairly large with no tiny rock hard baby raisins lurking at the bottom of the bag.

DSCF2849 (2)

The hazelnuts were good too, all fairly evenly sized (pretty small for hazelnuts but fitting in with the rest of the bag perfectly) with a hard crunchy bite and a distinct toasted nutty flavour.

That’s all well and good but the other two ingredients were the only reason why I bought the bag..

The coffee flavoured chocolate buttons were amazing. I need to find a bag of these pronto. Sweet milky chocolate mixed with a lovely coffee. The perfect strength for everyone I think, just enough to separate it from a standard chocolate button but not so much that you’ve had enough after one or two – I’ll take as many as you’ve got. Please!

The plain chocolate coated coffee beans are at the other end of the scale though. Strong, rich, bitter, dark. Quite honestly they were perfect. They’re lovely and crunchy with a thick plain chocolate coating and a ridiculously strong coffee flavour. Delicious.


I couldn’t have wished up a better fruit & nut mix for myself.



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