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Walkers Bugles

DSCF2835 (2)

Walkers Bugles have returned, I can’t say I tried the “great taste of Walkers in a fun shaped corn snack with a unique crunchy texture” first time round, so I wasn’t particularly bothered now. But. Where I’m from, the word Bugle has a much less innocent meaning and myself and Mr.1T are far too immature to pass up on the innuendos.

I chose the cheese flavoured Bugles and bought a multipack, I know multipack bags are smaller but I felt seriously ripped off when I saw how few were inside.

The few that were, smelt of cheesey feet.  Now before you think yuck, I mean in the same way Quavers smell like cheesey feet. I probably should have avoided mentioning feet at all and just wrote they smell exactly like Quavers but when I opened the bag I really did think of feet!

DSCF2837 (2)

They didn’t taste like Quavers at all though sadly. I was hoping they would, I love the cheesey Quaver flavour and thought it could be even greater with a more substantial crisp but it wasn’t to be. There was a slight cheese taste but the plain corn flavour was predominant.

The texture was good, the corn has a different crunch to potato and I did enjoy it. Nobody eats a tiny multipack packet of crisps to fill themselves up but they did feel more filling than a thin potato crisp and based on texture alone I’d happily buy these often.


The texture is spot on, they’re like fatter tubular Doritos with a wicked crunch. The flavour lets this down massively.

It’s not a complete fail however. Usually when I make chilli I buy tortilla chips for dipping but the Bugles are perfect – the right shape to scoop, thick enough to hold the weight of the chilli and the corn flavour is the perfect accompaniment for the spicy, meaty chilli. The random bursts of cheese every now and then were even better when I ate them like this. I could have done with them being bigger though! 



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