Sugar Free Refreshments

Peter from Sweets Without surprised me with another box of goodies this week, there’ll be another post about those bits but he popped a couple of little bits in too.

Included was something I’ve never heard of before in my life.

Simpkins Nipits

DSCF2737 (2)

Aniseed liquorice pellets, to clarify the voice and clear the throat apparently – they’re made with only two ingredients: Pure liquorice extract and aniseed oil.

DSCF2741 (2)

The ingredients list is the shortest I’ve ever read – Pure Liquorice Extract & Aniseed Oil. That’s it.

Popping open the tiny tin released a super strong liquorice scent and what seems like hundreds of tiny literal pellets.

I stuck a handful in my big gob (in retrospect this was a bad idea) and found a rock hard texture and a strong liquorice flavour. Crunching will get you nowhere with these, they’re a sucky sweet and doing so softens them up and the liquorice fades into an even stronger aniseed flavour. Now I hate aniseed with the fire of a thousand suns. It reminds me of far too many sambuca shots and the awful burning after-taste that follows. So you can probably guess what I thought of these..

If you like aniseed and eat one at a time (me of all people should really know better) then these will be right up your street. The tin is tiny but there have got to be hundreds so they’ll last for ages. I just can’t deal with aniseed!

DSCF2806 (2)

Alongside the Nipits were three boxes of sugar free mints. Peter very kindly sent special boxes just for me and Mr.1T (I’ll leave it up to you to decide who got what ;-)..) as well as an emoji themed box, he’s obviously noticed my complete overuse on Twitter!

DSCF2808 (2)

There’s a warning about laxative effects after excessive consumption but if you eat the lot in one go I applaud you!

The box might be small but it’s completely packed out with no empty space whatsoever. The mints are small squares and pack a very strong punch – one or two at a time is more than enough so these are sure to last a while. They have a super fresh almost menthol flavour and have no noticeable funny “sweetener” taste. Good stuff and a very welcome palate cleanser after the Nipits!

Don’t forget there are tonnes of sugar free goodies online at sweetswithout.co.uk and I can’t recommend them enough!

2 thoughts on “Sugar Free Refreshments

    1. I don’t usually mind it so much, I had some in liquorice which wasn’t bad – I mean I wouldn’t choose the flavour but it was fine – but these Nipits were 😨😱😷

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