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Warheads Sour Jelly Beans

DSCF2701 (2)

I’ve made no secret of my love of jelly beans, my personal favourite are the Candy King jelly beans, the coconut to be specific, followed by Jelly Belly. Even though Jelly Belly aren’t imported any more they’re still extortionate, though I do think you’re paying for quality there, and so I chose another jelly bean from the world food aisle in Tesco this week, Warheads Sour Jelly Beans.

Sour Jelly beans with a sour shell and a sweet centre (center??) in 6 assorted fruity flavours.

They’re unlike any jelly bean I’ve seen before, looking more like coloured Rice Krispys and they had a slightly pebbled feel to them too.

DSCF2702 (2)

Lemon was ridiculously sharp! Like screw-my-face-up sharp, super sour and not much sweet. It was a good sour though!

Grape, however, wasn’t particularly sour and was just quite sweet.

Apple was again very sour, the sour apple flavour was spot on with more of a semi sweet centre.

Orange was following the pattern with a lovely flavour but much more sweet than sour.

Watermelon wasn’t too sour at all. The flavour was instantly recognisable as watermelon, was delicious but was a sweeter watermelon.

Cherry fit the description with a lovely sour shell and a sweeter middle.


Well they were my initial opinions of all the flavours, and what you’ll get if you eat a little at a time. Eat the whole 113g box my friend, and you will no longer be able to feel your tongue. Sure they may not seem that sour individually but my god the strength increases. I was left with a burnt tongue purely from how sour these were, the only other time that’s happened to me were with the Toxic Waste sweets and we all know how lethal they are!

So yes, they are super sour but the flavours are pretty nice too. I couldn’t munch through a big box again though like I would with Jelly Belly or Candy King, they taste good but I like to taste my food the next day as well thanks!



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