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M&S Mud Pie Ice Cream

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This, I’ve decided, is my favourite time of year. All the supermarkets are rolling out their new ice creams and they’re all on introductory offers! What more could I ask for? Today I’m reviewing another M&S ice cream after last weeks Salted Caramel Blondie Brownie, and its not only a new ice cream but from the new “Spirit of Summer” range too.

DSCF2759 (2)

Smooth dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate truffle sauce, chocolate brownie pieces, chocolate chunks & cookie pieces. 

Mud pie, if you don’t know, comes from Mississippi Mud Pie; a chocolate based dessert pie originating from Mississippi consisting of a gooey chocolate sauce on top of a crumbly chocolate crust usually served with ice cream. So the M&S take stays pretty true to the authentic, with the cookie base, chocolate sauce and ice cream, they’ve just chucked in some brownies but extra brownies are never a bad thing!

I had an idea of what this might look like thanks to the lid of the tub, I wish more companies would pick this up as it was much easier choosing one from the freezer and this stood out a lot more than the rest.


I was still surprised the contents were nearly identical though, no false advertising or exaggeration at all. Anyway, on to the good stuff.

The ice cream itself I’m undecided on. It’s thick and creamy and of a decent quality but it’s plain. Not vanilla-plain, plain-plain. Now that isn’t actually a bad thing as there are so many extras in the pint that I literally didn’t have a spoonful of just ice cream once and I think it’s probably for the best it was a plain milky flavour as there is such a thing as too much, but it was unexpected for sure.

The chocolate truffle sauce was probably my favourite aspect. Thick and sticky, the gooey super rich, extra chocolatey flavour really went well with the plain ice cream and although there’s only 10% of it, a little goes a long way. It’s swirled in thin ripples rather than the thick blobs you find elsewhere so there was a ribbon running throughout. If I could find a tub of this chocolate truffle sauce I’d eat it by the spoonful, its delicious.


It was just as hard in real life to see the difference between the brownies, cookies and chocolate chunks as it is in the photos. Thankfully I could taste it!

First up the brownies – chewy in texture with a definite brownie taste to them they were only let down by the size. Yes I could taste and just about feel them but only because each spoonful had about 7 teeny tiny brownie pieces, whereas in similar products you’d just have the one brownie bite. I think I’d have preferred larger pieces as in my opinion the best thing about brownies is the softer squidgy texture.

3 guesses which type of cookie was used? I know the Spirit of Summer range is inspired by the Americas but I am bored to death of Oreo style biscuits in ice cream. Seriously, I’d even take a Garibaldi right now. They were fine; crunchy with a perfectly pleasant cocoa flavour, sadly their presence is just starting to offend me now though so I’ll move on!

Last but not least were the dark chocolate chunks. I don’t know how dark as unusually for M&S they’ve not gone into much detail but I could taste a difference from the milkier sauce and brownies and the cocoa cookies. I like the dark chocolate M&S sell anyway and the one used in their ice cream is no exception with a deep rich flavour that popped out and held its own against the more used ingredients.


It was a bit.. meh. It was tasty enough but there was something missing from the ice cream. I don’t think it’s a vanilla flavour as such but looking at the ingredients it’s made using skimmed milk and while it was thick and creamy it was lacking a richness you find in similarly priced ice creams. I bought it on offer but if I was going to pay full price I’d much rather stick with my boys Ben & Jerry!



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