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New Covent Garden Soup C0 – Soup of the month (May)

DSCF2709 (2)


Wahey! It’s only taken 11 days this month to buy and review the soup of the month. Which, for May is Hot Smoked Salmon & Potato with cream and tarragon.

Unlike the recent soup of the months, this is none of your 5 a day and promises no health benefits, so in theory it should be extra tasty!

The salmon is oak smoked but it only makes up 4%, I was a bit surprised by this as I could certainly smell and see the fishy good stuff. The salmon flakes, though practically invisible in my rushed photography, were bright and large and actually looked like pieces of carrot lurking in a vegetable soup if I’m honest!


The soup consists mainly of potato and the flavour is much like the Soup Of The Month from March. I’ve always found NCG do potato based soups very well, they’re always thick and creamy and taste like super smooth mashed potatoes and the soup for May is no exception. It does have one welcome addition in the form of whole chunks of potato as well adding a more potato-y texture to the already delicious taste.

The salmon flakes, though smallest in number, bring the most flavour to the bowl. Large enough to feel as well as taste with a strong smokey salmon flavour – if you don’t like salmon don’t bother this month – there’s no avoiding it. The salmon is obviously already cooked and treated to stay edible for a good while (another 3 weeks when I ate mine) yet it somehow tastes wonderfully fresh, it’s strong in flavour and scent but in the same way the salmon smells strongest in most sushi (when it’s super fresh!) and not uh-oh-that-fish-is-on-the-turn strong!

I could taste the smokiness, it’s more of a slight kick with a little heat which blends well with the various peppers and herbs used in the soup. The smoked flavour actually bled into the soup which was nice rather than just on the salmon pieces.


This should be my dream soup with salmon and mashed potato in my top 5 of all “proper” foods. And don’t get me wrong it’s a good soup – creamy, comforting, tasty, warm fishy deliciousness, it was just a bit boring. I think we’ve been spoilt for choice lately with all sorts of spicy, foreign or themed soups this just felt a bit of a filler.

It did fill my belly nicely though.



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