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Sweet Heaven! – Toffee Whirls

I got this bag of Toffee Whirls from Poundland for the bargain price of, you guessed it, a whole pound! As you can see it literally just says Toffee Whirls and the flavours, no brand name and on the back of the packet it says made for Sweet Heaven! who, Google have since informed me, are basically a company created by Poundland for sweets and chocolates. 

The Toffee Whirls are toffees with a whirly pattern on and come in three different flavours. 

Banana Split was the flavour I had most of, by a long way actually, and was easily identifiable by the slightly yellow colour to the swirl and the yellow wrappers. The wrappers were sealed fairly tightly so I couldn’t smell much until I’d got through and they had a slight banana scent. 

They were a harder toffee, very chewy and sticky though they soon melted away once you’d chewed for a while. The banana flavour was a lot stronger than the smell and it was quite artificial. If it was purely banana, I don’t think I’d have liked it but mixed in with the creamy flavours it was toned down somewhat and so ended up much more enjoyable. That creaminess was most noticable in the banana split whirls, I’m not sure if it’s the toffee itself that was creamy or an extra creaminess to play into the banana split ice cream theme but it was good. 

There were a few less Vanilla but still a decent amount and they were indicated as such by the white swirl and wrapper. 

Strangely the toffee itself couldn’t have been more different than before. It was a lot softer and felt more like a caramel than a toffee – it could easily have been a completely different product to the banana split. I’ll make a confession, I like high quality crumbly fudge and expensive toffee but my guilty pleasure is cheap Lonka fudge and toffee and this is what the vanilla taste just like. Very sweet and ‘cheap’ tasting but I love it! 

I only had two Strawberry swirls in my bag! Once I’d eaten one I was half pleased about that..

Flavour aside, these were the Goldilocks of the bag. Not as hard as the banana split whirls and not as soft as the vanilla, perfectly in the middle of both and just chewy enough without giving my jaw a workout! 

The flavour wasn’t what I expected, the banana and vanilla both seemed like the most natural flavours in the world after I’d tried a strawberry. The closest comparison I can make is that it tastes just like the strawberry syrup/sauce that you put on ice cream. I kind of liked it but then I kind of didn’t..

 It’s a weird strawberry flavour for sure! 


They aren’t high quality toffees, they’re made exclusively for Poundland and its a fair old bag for your hard earned pound but despite that slightly cheap taste, I quite liked them. 

The flavours are fun and a bit more unusual than chocolate and sea salt but good old vanilla was still my favourite. 


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