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Lonka Caramel Soft Nougat

Lonka are a Dutch company I’ve not featured on a Foreign Food review yet but I know I’ve eaten more than my fair share of Lonka goodies – chances are, if you’ve had a Candy King pick’n’mix or sweets from the sweet shop you have too. I know them mainly for fudge and bon bons but they make a large assortment of  old school sweet shop treats.

I bought the caramel flavoured soft nougat from The Range just after Christmas but there are different flavours on sale all year round.

DSCF2526 (2)

They are described as a soft nougat but to the touch they felt quite firm, I didn’t want to squeeze too much and ruin them but I couldn’t find much give. Included are 18 squares of sweet caramel smelling blocks that unfortunately looked a lot like stale marshmallows but I liked that I could see the caramel running throughout.

DSCF2532 (2)

Strangely they were a hell of a lot softer to eat than they felt. They start off with more of a solid firmer feel than hard and it feels quite thick in the mouth, they aren’t as chewy as a lot of mass produced nougat (Bassetts for example) and don’t have a whipped marshmallow-like texture like the nougats you find in chocolate bars but I really enjoyed it. What starts as a slight chew almost melts away on the tongue, so the best of both worlds without tipping the scale either way.

As you can see in the photo the caramel is in streaks rather than the whole block being caramel flavoured and I preferred it this way.  Initially it has a kind of plain, sweet flavour (note, not bland just plain if that makes sense!) and you sure know when you’ve bitten a streak and released the caramel. If you have had anything vanilla or caramel flavoured from Lonka before you will know exactly how it tastes! Lonka have a very unique vanilla caramel flavour and it’s the same used in these. It’s sweet and artificial tasting but it’s my guilty pleasure! This is where the streaked caramel is another positive, in the nougat the caramel is a subtle sweet surprise that pops up every now and then whereas in all the other caramel/vanilla products it’s quite overpowering. I think had the whole thing been caramel it would have just tasted like a soft version of any of Lonkas’ other sweets.


It’s cheap and cheerful, sugary sweet and not like the “gourmet/artisan/finest” stuff that have been popping up recently but it’s pretty damn tasty and something I’d quite happily eat again.


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