6/10 · Fudge

Buttermilk – Cookies & Cream Fudge

DSCF2677 (2)

Today I’m reviewing Buttermilk Smooth Fudge, Cookies & Cream flavour. Not to be confused with the Buttermilk Confectionery Co Luxury Fudge from the end of last week, in a strange coincidence this fudge comes from a company with an extremely similar name who are also based in Cornwall but seemingly have nothing to do with the previous company!

DSCF2684 (2)

The ultimate flavour combination, packed with scrumptious pieces of real chocolate cookie – a perfect addition to our smooth and creamy fudge. 

Buttermilk describe their fudge as smooth and compared to last weeks it had much more of a shiny and polished look and feel, that is once you’ve looked past the covering of cookie crumbs! A couple of the smaller pieces didn’t have any cookies but most were pretty packed out with what looked like Oreo style biscuits.

The fudge itself is very soft and does have a smooth feel. It isn’t quite the plastic fudge of Lonka but isn’t particularly crumbly either, I actually liked the texture it’s bang in the middle of both so there’s something for everyone. It’s mega sweet (take your pick which ingredient that’s coming from – sugar, sweetened condensed milk, golden syrup, glucose syrup) but still has a lovely creamy vanilla flavour that I’d imagine is just as good alone as it is with biscuit bits chucked in.

DSCF2686 (2)

What is it with disappointing biscuits this week? What looks like whole biscuits are actually crumbs in the shape of biscuits if that makes sense! I took a bite hoping to find a nice cocoa crunch but found myself with a mouth full of biscuit dust. They were a complete waste of time to be perfectly honest, I couldn’t taste the “cookies & cream” or any cocoa biscuit flavour over the sweet vanilla fudge at all and there was absolutely no texture whatsoever.


A total let down, yes the fudge was great but the cookies are a waste of time, I could neither taste nor feel them and I think they’d have been better off sticking a decent cookies and cream flavour in with the fudge. Just because something looks good doesn’t mean it tastes it!



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