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Buttermilk Confectionery Co Luxury Chocolate Fudge

DSCF2560 (2)

There aren’t many things tastier than good fudge and today I’m reviewing a fudge from the Buttermilk Confectionery Co who have apparently been making Cornish fudge for over 50 years in the traditional style – “made by hand using open copper pans. Never rushed, the fudge is cooled overnight which guarantees our smooth creamy texture”.  The exact fudge I’m reviewing is the Luxury Chocolate Fudge – Only the finest Belgian chocolate goes into our Luxury Chocolate fudge. Combined with our heavenly Cornish butter, this delectable treat is the ultimate indulgence – so a fancy fudge!

Either the customers or the people stacking the shelves in T.K.Maxx weren’t as bothered by fanciness as me as the box took a bit of a battering!

DSCF2568 (2)

The fudge inside had held up well though and I knew instantly what type of fudge this was going to be, the strong buttery scents combined with the gritty look all hinted towards a beautifully crumbly fudge. I could slightly smell the chocolate, enough to differentiate it from a plain all butter fudge but not as chocolatey as expected.

As I thought, when I took a bite the fudge crumbled. It is smooth actually, the gritty looks were slightly deceiving but it practically melts in your mouth, is thick and very rich feeling and truly does have an authentic handmade feel.

The flavour was delicious, predominately sweet vanilla, milky all butter fudge but there is a creeping chocolate flavour that appears mid mouthful. It’s unsurprising really that there was such a milky/buttery flavour as the ingredients are:  sugar, sweetened condensed milk, glucose, butter, partially inverted sugar syrup, dark chocolate (4%) cocoa mass, salt. I’d expect a bit more than just 4% chocolate, seeing as it’s called, you know, chocolate fudge. That said, I could taste, and enjoyed, the chocolate. In my opinion it tasted like milk chocolate, there’s no hint of cocoa percentage but I don’t think it matters – they could’ve used 100% dark chocolate, fighting against that much milk and sugar? It was always going to taste milky.


Its very sweet, extremely buttery and indulgently rich.

I loved it! My one small criticism would be that there isn’t enough chocolate but it was bloody tasty anyway.


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