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Grenade Carb Killa – White Chocolate Cookie

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I’ve not reviewed a protein bar before and that, ladies and gentlemen, is because I prefer to get my calories from things that actually taste nice. My husband on the other hand went through a phase of living on the things. It was a bad time in our house, him moaning about how disgusting they all were and me having to listen to it.

If you’re on Instagram there is no way you haven’t noticed todays review, they’re everywhere and have been reviewed to death but I was getting one for him indoors, mistakenly believed they were in the Holland & Barrett 99p sale and was too embarrassed to put it back once I’d got to the till, so I figured a purely taste based review might be an idea. We don’t care about macros here!

I have tried the Grenade Carb Killa Cookies & Cream bar and the reason you haven’t read the review is because I thought it was disgusting. He raved about it but to me it just tasted like a powdery stodgy imitation of a chocolate bar.

The White Chocolate Cookie is a high protein bar with a cookie flavour topping coated in white chocolate with sweeteners. I know I said we don’t do macros but chances are if you’re reading this you do, so just FYI –

215kcal, 8.1g fats, 4.1g sats, 15.2g carbs (12.7g of which are polyols) 2.0g sugar, 6.0g fibre, 22.4g protein, 0.37g salt per 60g bar.

DSCF2610 (2)

Doesn’t it look a lot more interesting than most protein bars! It certainly smelt it, with a delicious white chocolate scent, I’d read it online, but the similarity to Milkybar shocked me.

It’s common knowledge with protein bars (especially the particularly rank ones) that a quick zap in the microwave makes things tastier so I bunged a bit in for 10 or so seconds. The resemblance to Milkybar chocolate only increased once heated, sweet white chocolate with crunchy “cookie” pieces. The top half was lovely but the bottom half was very thick and almost stodgy and I couldn’t help but notice the not very pleasant protein powder after-taste.

I wasn’t much looking forward to trying it straight out of the wrapper seeing as the microwave usually improves things, but these bars are expensive so I wasn’t going to waste it. However, I much preferred it as is! Ok, the chocolate doesn’t have as strong a flavour at room temperature and it tastes more like a generic white chocolate than sweet Milkybar but it also had much less of a protein taste to it too and the bottom half was nowhere near as thick feeling.


Do you know what, I really think these could pass as a chocolate bar. It wouldn’t be the best chocolate bar by any means but this is the first and only protein bar I’ve ever finished and enjoyed! To the point where when I start training again I will buy these, and even if I’m not training, I would buy and eat this over Cadbury chocolate. I’m impressed!

Chocolate – 7/10

Protein Bar – 9/10

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