Sugar n Spice Muffin Bites

DSCF2573 (2)
A delicious selection of heavenly chocolate & sticky toffee mini muffin bites.

I know I’ve said time and time again that I don’t like cakes. In my mind muffins are an entirely different entity, in fact the greatest thing I’ve eaten and reviewed is a Triple Chocolate Muffin. Todays review is actually a bit unfair, how can I fairly review muffins when I’ve already eaten the ultimates? It would be like eating a burger after a good piece of steak. It may well taste perfectly fine and actually be quite good but it’s got a good chance of tasting like crap in comparison!

I’ve not seen anything from Sugar N Spice before, they seem to be produced by Ashbourne Foods and were bought in my local One Stop. I’d not even heard of the company but you can bet the second I bought these, there seemed to be nothing else on my Instagram “explore feed” page… Creepy.

DSCF2575 (2)

As I had lower expectations I went for the chocolate first. The “Heavenly Chocolate Mini Muffins” have a milk chocolate cake base, a chocolate flavour filling and dark chocolate chunks. I was very generous in choosing which muffin to photograph. There were four chocolate and this was easily twice the size of all the others. In fact the fourth was only about a quarter the size of the muffin case! It also annoyed me that they aren’t bites at all, they are fully formed tiny muffins – in my mind bites wouldn’t  be shaped like proper muffins – if I’d wanted actual mini muffins I could have got a huge tub from any of the supermarkets.

Anyway on to the flavour. The top half of the muffin was extremely dry. Towards the stale end of dry. Thankfully the centre of the muffin was a lot moister (yuck), I think in part due to the chocolate flavour filling. The “filling” had the exact same chocolate flavour as the muffin itself, I didn’t even know there was supposed to be anything other than cake in there until I wrote the review up to be completely honest, but I certainly appreciated and could feel the smoother, runnier texture (even if I did think it was just a less dry piece of muffin at the time!).

The dark chocolate chunks were good, they had a much more intense chocolate flavour, not so much dark chocolate tasting but more of a concentrated flavour. They were large and thick enough to have a decent crisp snap which was lovely with the drier muffin.

Overall the chocolate muffins are OK. I wouldn’t say heavenly, they’re very chocolatey indeed but it’s not quite as nice a chocolate flavour as in the Otis.


DSCF2575 (2)

The Sticky Toffee mini muffins got a fairer review. There were only three in the bag but they were much more uniform in size. There was nothing that screamed toffee beforehand. I’d like to tell you what flavour the muffin had but I’ll let the ingredients list do that for me: Plain Cake Concentrate. Mmm.. yummy. Apparently there was supposed to be some natural lemon flavouring in there but I didn’t taste anything remotely lemony at all, plain cake concentrate sums up what I could taste quite nicely I think.

The ‘Sticky’ Toffee muffins could not have been less sticky if they’d tried. The muffins were even drier than the chocolate (and they’re still in date until July) and again not stodgy dry but stale dry. The small saving grace was the filling, which is actually a runny caramel filling. It’s very sweet, very sticky and a welcome relief from the sahara desert situation I had going on. Sadly it’s just a splodge in the very middle of each muffin and not enough to counter the rest. There should have been caramel fudge pieces in each muffin too but there weren’t in any of mine!

They might have received a fairer review but it doesn’t mean they tasted any better!


What a let down! This is why I don’t usually bother with cakes.


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