Discover Coffee And Cardamom Dark Chocolate


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Sweets Without, a company specialising in sugar free goodies. I mentioned at the time about Peter, who’d asked me whether I’d be interested in trying the pieces he ended up sending me. We stayed in contact (he really isn’t in this just to sell stuff, he has a genuine interest in finding what’s actually nice) and he told me about a new range he was looking at adding to the site. We both agreed that the flavours seemed much more interesting than the other sugar free chocolates on the market and that was that, I thought, until this morning when the postman turned up with an unexpected treat!

DSCF2549 (2)

The company that we’d been emailing about was Discover Chocolate and the bar I have today is Coffee And Cardamom Dark Chocolate.

I love the packaging, it’s neatly wrapped in brown paper which gave it a handmade, old fashioned feel – if it’s handmade we can pretend its healthier, right?

The bar is thick and shiny, weighing in at 50g and with a real substantial feel and a delicious dark chocolate scent. This is a 72.3% bar – nice and specific there – just how I like it. I felt something a little weird on the bottom of the bar and had a bit of a surprise when I flipped it over..

DSCF2544 (2)

Apparently 0.5% and 0.2% of the bar are coffee beans and seeds of cardamom respectively, and while I knew they were the flavours I didn’t expect whole pieces!

Taking my first bite was a very enjoyable experience, the mish mash of textures were wonderful – crunchy seeds and beans with silky smooth chocolate. I was taken aback by the smoothness actually, some dark chocolates have a grittier feel but this was like velvet perhaps due to the fact cocoa butter is the first and main ingredient, I loved it regardless.

The flavour was not what I expected at all. The chocolate itself isn’t quite like anything I’ve had before. It has a deep, rich chocolate flavour very much like most other 70(ish)% bars but instead of the almost bitter lingering taste you get around this point it has a creamier lighter aftertaste,  it isn’t quite sweet but I’ve not experienced this “lightness” in a dark bar before. I’m assuming it’s a mix of the Stevia and vanilla flavouring and it actually worked really well, a best of both worlds if you will, the depth of a dark with the creaminess of a milk.

DSCF2554 (2)

Of the two flavours, I was looking forward most to the coffee. I’d hoped it would be nice and strong but it was more of a background flavour and one I really had to search for. Not that once I’d tasted the cardamom I actually did any searching..

It is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible flavours I’ve ever tasted in a chocolate. It’s quite hard to describe, it’s spicy – not hot spicy but flavour spicy – slightly sweet, zesty, kind of fresh tasting in the same way mint is (not that it tastes anything like mint) and uniquely Indian tasting! It was like a curry in a chocolate bar, but.. not.. I’m not doing this chocolate bar any justice at all but trust me when I say it is amazing.


Forget it’s sugar free. Unless you have an intolerance to Stevia you need to try this. The nicest chocolate bar I’ve had in a long time. I feel like I shouldn’t thank Peter because I think he’s kicked off a new addiction!

Order your own (and some other very interesting flavours) at www.sweetswithout.co.uk


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