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M&S Dark & Milk Chocolate Marzipan

I left Marks & Spencers with more chocolate than I realised! There is a whole new “Summer of flavour” range that I’ve not even started on yet, Markses are showing the big boys how it’s done.

DSCF2505 (2)Belgian milk and dark chocolate covered marzipan balls. 

I’m firmly on the fence when it comes to marzipan, I don’t like it with cake but I don’t mind it in chocolate. It’s not something I’d usually go for but I’m a sucker for a new label and I’m getting a bit bored of plain chocolate, Easter was too close to Christmas this year – I had no chocolate break!

DSCF2508 (2)

The balls were huge (ha) even bigger than the Cookie Dough Bites and like the Chocolate Cashews I couldn’t smell the chocolate at all. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the distinct marzipan scent was overwhelmingly strong as ground almonds are second in the ingredients list, only trailing behind sugar, but I expected a hint of either chocolate used.

DSCF2514 (2)

This also translated into the taste with the sweet almond flavour overpowering much of the chocolate. It’s standard marzipan: thick, slightly gritty and very sweet.

The chocolate seemed crisp and quite hard in comparison, according to the packet the marzipan makes up 49% of the total product so my skills of deduction put the chocolate at 51%. As you can see, that’s not really the case, the chocolate was reasonably thick in places but I had a lot more marzipan in my balls.


There are a blend of milk and dark chocolates used and it doesn’t specify on the packet how much there is supposed to be of each but I definitely had more of the milky stuff. Now I like dark chocolate, not too dark 70% is perfect for me, and the dark chocolate M&S have chosen contains a minimum of 60% cocoa solids. Honestly, I couldn’t taste the dark chocolate at all though -I could barely taste the milk chocolate either- but of the two it had a much milkier flavour.

On the other hand, Mr.1T (dark choc hater/white choc addict) found the dark chocolate to be the stronger of the two. He’s looked at my photos and agrees he had roughly the same amount of dark chocolate in his as I did, so I think it will all depend on your personal preferences


Not one I’d buy again, they weren’t bad but I don’t like marzipan enough to enjoy just how marzipan-y these are! They’re a little sickly too.



3 thoughts on “M&S Dark & Milk Chocolate Marzipan

    1. Trust you to lower the tone Kev! You’re welcome haha, ooh the cashews are lovely aren’t they! I’m resisting the temptation to go back to M&S, my bank account doesn’t like it in there 😀

  1. Couldn’t believe how utterly YUMMY these were!! Being a lover of both marzipan and chocolate, this combo just looked like a no-brainer for me, and it WAS! So imagine my disappointment a few packets (and a couple of months) later when I discovered they’d been discontinued by M&S – or so I was told in Torquay. Is this really so?! Please tell me there’s been a mistake! 😦

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