9/10 · Toffee

Rendles Banoffee Cake

Aaaages ago I wrote a little Q&A about what chocolate and sweets I liked as a child, it’s on the Trio review. Let’s add another.


 Was it a fairy cake? If the answer was yes you bet I ate it and all its fairy friends, if the answer was no then you’d have had a better chance getting me in an Arse*al football shirt and that’s never going to happen. 

However, I’ve grown up and while I still won’t put that filth on my body, I’ll eat a few select cakes every now and then. It was a certain someone’s birthday a while back and she has a bit of an obsession with a Cherry Bakewell flapjack made by the company Rendles. Now, their products are near enough impossible to track down but I found a Rendles stand in a local garden centre of all places – sadly no Bakewell flapjacks but there were a few loaf cakes. A Banoffee loaf cake to be specific. While I might turn down cake I could never say no to banana and toffee together no matter how those delicious flavours are transported into my mouth. Into the basket it went!

A tasty banana loaf cake topped with toffee pieces. 

Banoffee is traditionally in pie form including banana, toffee and cream. Cream is something I’m still reluctant to eat – even here at 25 years old it makes me gag – so the Banoffee Cake is right up my street. 

The cake is perfectly sized, its loaf shape meant it’d be easy to slice into “acceptable” portion sizes but it’s small enough we ate half each, at once. Taking it out of the plastic packaging excited me and disappointed him. I’d been hoping for an emphasis on the banana, him the toffee and it was me licking my lips here, the most delicious authentic banana scent appeared with a slight hint of something sweet lurking in the background. 

This just may be the cake to convert me. The toffee chips are only a topping so the bottom two thirds are just the plain cake and it is delicious alone. I was over the moon to find it resembled a huge fairy cake! Wickedly moist and sticky with a light fluffy chew, there was absolutely no stodginess or heaviness, it was like eating a banana flavoured cloud! Speaking of banana, the flavour is just perfect. A light banana taste, not mild by any means but not artificially strong or overpowering. It could well be the fairy cake texture playing tricks on me but I could swear I could taste a hint of vanilla mixed in with the banana as well as a beautiful buttery flavour from the cake itself. 

There weren’t too many toffee chips but what pieces were there were large and flavourful. They’re soft with a texture that seems to melt away on the tongue blending in with the fluffy cake and a sweet and strong delicious toffee flavour. I’m actually quite pleased there weren’t too many as they would soon drown out what is quite a delicate banana flavour. 


The best shop bought cake, maybe even cake full stop, I’ve ever eaten. Mr.1T does not like banana and his exact words were “if I liked banana that would have been the nuts”.. So you don’t like banana but it didn’t stop you eating half of my cake!!



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