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Milka Toffee

I think we’ve established that despite also being owned by Mondelez, Milka haven’t been run into the ground the way Cadbury have. It’s strange how two seperate yet so similar brands can have identical bars, flavours and products but taste so different. Of course, Milka have much more interesting flavours as well. On the surface, Milka Toffee sounds like a toffee filled bar, it’s not at all though..

DSCF2418 (2)

Alpine milk chocolate with caramel flavoured milk and caramel filling.

So the “Toffee” is actually caramel, and not quite caramel as we know it. Rather than just a runny pool of liquid caramel inside each square there is a layer of flavoured caramel cream too. The description calls it a “caramel flavoured milk” but I think that may be lost in translation, it’s not remotely milk-like, it’s thick and creamy, almost like a mousse but a lot denser.

The chocolate was as delicious as ever, if you’ve never had Milka chocolate and you’re disillusioned with Cadbury you need to try this. It doesn’t taste anything like “old” Cadbury but it’s not trying to. Milka is made with alpine milk – I’m not quite sure what makes milk from the Alps quite so special but there you go – the main difference though, is that Milka chocolate contains hazelnut paste and has a lovely, quite unique flavour. It’s still mass produced, not high end chocolate but it’s milky taste is worlds away from the sugar bombs that have become the norm in the UK.

DSCF2424 (2)

 The stars of the show in the Milka Toffee, are the caramels. The standard caramel filling is lovely, it is ridiculously runny and sticky – expect to make a mess eating this one – with a sweet caramel flavour. Again, although it’s made for Mondelez and could well even be made in the same factory (I can’t for the life of me get an actual answer as to where either bar is made!) it tastes a lot less sweet than the caramel Cadbury use with much more of an actual flavour.

The milk/cream is a winner for me, it’s soft and creamy and is satisfyingly thick without being overpowering. Rather than a sugary caramel taste it’s milky and is a wonderful balance to the slick sweeter caramel on top.

It’s quite a rich, sweet bar overall but the milkiness really cuts through and makes it very difficult not to scoff the lot at once!


As ever, Milka do properly what Cadbury fail miserably at. It’s just as full of sugar and scary sounding ingredients as Cadbury bars are but the emphasis is much more on real flavours than overbearing sweetness.



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